July 9, 2018

6 Common Concerns About Buying Printed Bags


If you’re hovering with indecision about investing in your first printed bag order, we completely understand. There’s a lot to think about! Will the design be right? Will the colours turn out okay? Will they be ready on time? I want value for money, but where will we put a large order?

Take a deep breath and relax – you’re in safe hands with the team here at The Printed Bag Shop. We’ll be with you through the whole process; from your initial quote to your printed bags landing on your doorstep.

To make the buying process a little easier, we’ve put together 6 common concerns about buying printed bags.

What if I can’t pay straight away?

That’s not a problem. We work on a pro-forma basis; you don’t have to pay as soon as you place your order, we just need to receive the payment before we dispatch your order. This way we can give you as much time as possible to pay while protecting ourselves at the same time. If you become a repeat customer (which, we certainly hope so!), you can apply for a credit account. Our accounts departments reviews this and makes a decision, but credit can only be applied on second and subsequent orders. The payment terms when you have an account can vary, and are deciding on an individual basis. Long story short, you don’t need to pay as soon as you place an order.

Can I see a sample bag first?

Of course you can! It’s understandable that you may want to see a physical sample, to assess for yourself the size, strength and quality of the bags you are deciding on – and we are more than happy to oblige. Just get in touch with one of our sales team and we’ll send you out a sample pack of some of the bags we’ve previously created for clients. You can also invest in a pre-production sample of your company’s bag if you wish (depending on the product you’re after), which can be worthwhile if your order is completely bespoke in both size and style, and you’re planning to order a large quantity.

Will you deliver on time?

Our reputation is what propels our business; we do everything we can to get printed bags delivered on time every time. To give you the best service possible when it comes to delivery, we have a couple of options…

Standard delivery services vary depending on your bag choice. It can be 7-10 days for printed laminated paper bags, 10 days for printed cotton bags, 3-4 weeks for flat or twisted handle paper bags, to 6-8 weeks for printed paper sandwich bags. Keep this in mind when placing your orders!

Fast track delivery is available on many of the bags in our range, like cotton bags and twisted handle bags, and is always useful if you’re ordering last minute or need a quick turnaround. Of course there is an additional cost for this (usually £75), but if you need it, it’s worth it. When you choose fast track we move our print schedule around to accommodate you and ensure a quicker delivery for you. We always do our best to help you get your bags when you need them but it’s important to note that our fast track service is subject to availability in production.

Nominated Day delivery gives you the option to decide exactly which day you want your bags delivered. This is a helpful option if you know you won’t be available on certain days during the time frame your bags are due to arrive. There is an additional charge for this service which varies depending on the product. For clarity you can talk to one of the sales team.

What if we don’t have artwork?

Not everyone is a design expert so there’s no need to worry. We offer a full design service to help you get your ideas into a workable piece of artwork. We can either start completely from scratch or take any artwork you already have and get it redrawn into the right format to ensure you get a stunning effect on your printed bags.

What if the colours come out wrong?

The key thing here is to make sure you have colour consistency among the inconsistencies of the surfaces being printed on. The best way to ensure this happens is to choose your company colours from the Standard Pantone Colour Books. If you use the Pantone Colour Bridge book it will match any Pantone colour to any 4 colour printing process, and likewise, any 4 colour printing process to any Pantone colour. These guides aren’t cheap and you don’t need to rush out and buy one. Most professional designers will have these guides and can help you choose a colour selection, or match up existing logo colours to a Pantone colour you can go forward with to keep colour consistency throughout your branding.

What if we don’t have enough storage space?

Like most things, the bigger the quantity ordered, the cheaper the price per unit will be. You don’t need to let your lack of space stop you cashing in on bulk buying your printed bags. At The Printed Bag Shop we offer a storage service, looking after a portion of your order in a safe, secure storage area. We are able to hold on to the excess of your order for up to 12 months, giving you plenty of time to use them up! The designated storage area is located in our own premises; it’s a secure heated area, ensuring your bags remain in top condition with no sign of dampness and no musty smells. Once we have them stored you can request as many boxes or packs as you want, whenever you need them. All you need to pay is the courier costs to have them delivered.

We hope this post has tackled some of the concerns you might have about purchasing printed bags from us. If you have any more questions, get in touch! You can call us on 0191 268 7555, or email