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June 24, 2019

Futureproof Your SME With Printed Bags & Printed Packaging

Your brand image and reputation are two of the most important, but intangible, assets your business has. Curating a positive and well recognised brand will take a long time, so it’s important you establish your business exactly the way you want customers to perceive you. Perhaps more importantly, it is vital that SMEs take every precaution to ensure they can withstand and thrive in future markets, too! Find out how effective printed bags or printed packaging can help strengthen your brand for the long run:


There are several ways to approach the materials you use to futureproof your brand. First, the best option is to choose sustainable materials. As consumers become more and more environmentally aware, brands are being examined for their commitment to sustainability. This means that a brand’s packaging, manufacture process and materials are more likely to impact consumer’s buying behaviour.


Eco Conscious Consumer


A study conducted by the GlobalWebIndex shows in the graphic above the factors that drive sustainable consumers’ buying habits. The same 2018 study indicated that half the consumers said they consider the environment before committing to buy. This is a huge percentage of potential customers, so don’t miss out!! Opt for unlaminated printed paper bags that are fully customisable and, when you choose a cotton rope handle, an eco-friendly and completely recyclable option for your business. Alternatively, choose canvas, cotton or jute bags if these suit your brand for more environmentally friendly options thanks to their reusability. Supplying products in eco materials like these will encourage those conscious customers, help the environment and ultimately help futureproof your SME.

Go Online

Taking your brand online is a fantastic route to ensure you can withstand economic change and reach more customers. One concern is that online markets are so much more saturated than traditional brick and mortar retail outlets and many SMEs worry that they just won’t stand out.  To ensure your customers still recognise your online brand like they would recognise your shopfront, deliver your goods in printed packaging. Not only will this demonstrate that you are a professional, legitimate business (a struggle for many online SMEs), but it will also ensure your emblem and business name is seen by all your customers.

If you are still concerned about building an online profile, consider giving your branding a little makeover and adapting your marketing strategy – to get started, have a read of our blog posts on social media success and updating your marketing strategy.

Take Advantage Of The Newest Technologies

Take advantage of all the technology at your fingertips when designing your new marketing strategy as a whole, but also when designing your printed packaging. More than just a way to transport goods, branded bags can deliver whatever message you choose. In fact, your business might want to consider regularly updating your printed bags and packaging to inform customers about promotions or giveaways.

One way to utilise technology in printed packaging is to employ QR Codes (Quick Response Codes). The codes can be scanned with a smart phone by customers and allow you to target content and marketing materials towards them. As a business, you can gain further insights into your customer profiles and develop a more detailed, comprehensive marketing strategy for attracting new customers. Additionally, your business can build brand loyalty with existing clients to futureproof your SME. Always remember, fast reactions and tailored content can make your company thrive!!

Alternatively, simply promote your social channels on your printed packaging. This is effective for huge brands like Primark but has also been successful for emergency brands with a strong social media personality, such as Sand & Sky. This will encourage visitors to your channels, allowing you to target audiences on multiple platforms and build brand awareness.

To start futureproofing your SME today, get in touch with The Printed Bag Shop!