Printed Sandwich Bags
June 21, 2017

5 Businesses That Can Benefit From Printed Sandwich Bags

Don’t be fooled into thinking the printed sandwich bag is only used for its humble namesake.

These little paper bags can be used for so much more, from bakeries to pharmacies, sweet shops to gift shops, craft stalls to online retailers and more. The diversity of a big imagination and a little paper bag is endless.

We’ve put together a small example here showing 5 businesses that can benefit from printed sandwich bags

Sandwich Shops

Kind of obvious I know, but so many of you are still handing out your sandwich-to-go in plain white bags. An opportunity lost to promote your amazing sandwiches as people stroll through the park or along the high street eating their lunch!

Using printed sandwich bags that display your branding will help lead more people to your shop or stall. If you have a cheeky message on your printed sandwich bag your brand will be as memorable as the delicious sandwich itself, bringing you repeat custom – the key to success in many businesses.


If your cakes and pastries aren’t leaving the counter wrapped in printed bakery bags, the next time that customer fancies a strawberry tart or chocolate éclair they might just end up at a competitor’s counter. Printed bakery bags, branded well, will be spotted on the high street, on buses or trains, even in the office kitchen, having cake addicts flocking to your bakery store.

Our printed bakery bags come in a range of sizes so that you always have the right fit for your cakes and pastries – that way customers will leave your shop with your brand still on their mind. If you’re located near a train or bus station, having printed bakery bags with an attractive design gives you the potential to reach a huge customer base.

Now, here’s a business that might not think they can benefit from printed sandwich bags!

Taxi firms

Promoting your business branding on printed flat bags that you can hand out to shops is a smart way of promoting your business. Think of the people passing through train stations, airports or bus stations, and the array of sandwich shops, newsagents, sweet shops they may call in to. Now there’s a good chance many of these people will need a taxi too – are you getting the picture?

Handing in your branded printed flat bags for these shops to use will get the message out about your taxi firm further than you could ever imagine. Why not take it a step further – talk to shop owners or takeaway managers, they could be interested in sharing a printed flat bag run – one side your promotion, flip side theirs – now that’s a good idea!

Gift shops

People love buying gifts, whether for others or themselves. They love it more when the bag is memorable too. For many small gift shops the additional expense of getting branded printed paper counter bags is a difficult hurdle to get over. Take that leap – it will be so worth it! Customers leaving your gift shop with their purchases wrapped in your unique printed paper counter bags will be constantly reminded of your shop and your brand. The added bonus here if you have a website is this printed paper counter bag will promote your website too – quite possibly leading to more sales!

Online retailers and artisan crafts

Small gifts, especially custom or hand-made jewellery are made to look extra special when packaged in printed flat bags. Again, you might be thinking of your budget, but buying printed flat bags is a sound marketing investment. It’s taking your branding outside of the digital world into the real world, reaching people who may never have found your online store. Beautiful packaging tends to be held on to, either as a keepsake or to wrap something else, again promoting your business in places you may never have imagined.

If your business sends out sandwiches, gifts or other purchases in plain unprinted bags, it’s time to make the switch! An attractive branded design on your paper bags will maximise your potential to reach a huge customer base.

You can get your printed flat bags or printed sandwich bags in a completely customisable design, at a price that you will love, from The Printed Bag Shop. Why not talk to our sales team today?