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printed patch handle bags

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Standard Delivery
3-4 Weeks
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Minimum Order Amount: 1000
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Fast Track
7/10 Days

The Printed Bag Shop’s eco-friendly printed patch handle bags have a reinforced patch behind the handle – giving all the benefits of the popular punched handle plastic bags – with added strength and durability!

EXAMPLE PRICES: Printed Patch Handle Bags

  • 15” x 18” x 3” 180g
  • Prices are based on white bags printed 2 sides 1 colour
Quantity Price
3000 £ 141
5000 £ 111
10,000 £ 90.44
25,000 £ 78.47

*Prices per 1,000. Prices exclude printing plates and VAT. Delivery included.


  • LDPE
  • 180 gauge (45 micron)
  • 300 gauge (75 micron)
  • Print Specification

Spot Colours

  • 4 Colour process (minimum 5,000 bags)
  • 100% ink coverage (minimum 3,000 bags)

Additional Extras

  • Perforations in bottom of bag for child safety
Ideal As Small Accessory Bags Or Children’s Party Bags
8 x 10
8 x 12
10 x 12
Ideal For Retail And Exhibitions
10 x 12 x 3
10 x 16 x 3
12 x 16 x 3
12 x 18 x 3
15 x 18 x 3
16 x 18 x 3
18 x 18 x 3
Ideal For Fashion Or Bulkier Items (e.g. Coats & Jackets)
22 x 18 x 3
24 x 18 x 3
Mostly Used To Carry Wallpaper
29 x 18 x 3

No matter what business you are in, our custom plastic bags are ideal for promoting your brand while providing your customers with a durable bag for them to carry your products home in, and one that they can reuse again and again.

The printed patch handle plastic bags that we provide are ideal for retail use, particularly when it comes to events, product giveaways, exhibitions or conferences. The patch handle design helps to reinforce the strength of the bag, ensuring that the bag is far less likely to split, no matter what product your customers are taking home with them. In addition to this, our patch handle bags come in a range of thicknesses depending on what you need them for.

As well as being exceptionally practical and perfect for use by your customers, our expert design team can make sure that your brand really stands out from the crowd. You can choose from a range of colours and designs so you will be sure that your bags are totally unique and tailored to your brand’s requirements.

For the ultimate bag that combines strength and attractive design, turn to our bespoke printed patch handle plastic bags.

Printed Patch Handle Bags

Patch Handle Plastic Bags Promote Your Brand

Our custom patch handle plastic bags are not only attractive to look at, and durable in design, they can help to ensure that your customers carry your brand with them and turn the heads of others in the street. Our design team will make sure that your bespoke patch handle plastic bags are eye-catching and unique, reinforcing the personality of your brand the way you want to.

Patch handle bags are ideal for everyday usage for your customers to take home your products after an event or product giveaway. However, our bags are designed to be totally versatile, so no matter what industry your business is in, we can cater for you requirements.

We are proud to provide you with a bag that is durable and can help to give your marketing campaign a boost. Our patch handle plastic bags are available in a range of designs, colours and prints, to provide you with a promotional strategy that can really make your brand stand out. Whatever you need, our expert design team can provide you with a solution, tailored to your business.

Patch Handle Bag Details

Here at The Printed Bag Shop, you can be certain that you will receive the highest quality of customer care when you purchase our custom patch handle plastic bags. With a fast track delivery of 7-10 days and a minimum order amount of 1000 bags, you can make your brand stand out sooner than you may have thought. Our design team will aim to get to know your brand inside out, so they can provide you with the ultimate design suited to what your customers want.

We are one of the UK’s premier suppliers of printed bags, and our cost-effective patch handle bags start at less than 11p per bag and are perfect for a range of events by companies in retail and many other industries. You can request a quote on your order with our 24 hour call answering team today on 0191 2687555.


What are printed patch handle bags?

Unlike standard punch handle bags, printed handle plastic bags have a reinforced layer attached behind the handle, creating additional strength which allows the bag to withstand more weight. The simple design is not only practical, but offers extensive design opportunities.

Are patch handle plastic bags suitable for heavy contents?

In comparison to traditional plastic bags, the patch handle design helps to reinforce the strength of the bag to prevent the likelihood of breakages. If you are selling heavier items, opt for our thicker material to add durability and provide your customers with a more effective way to carry home their new purchase.

Are patch handle bags cheap?

Offering a quality carrier bag can create a positive reflection on your brand, being an indicator of the quality goods within. Our printed patch handle plastic bags start at less than 11p per bag and we offer discounted rates when you order in large quantities, saving your budget for other areas of your business.

Can I print in multiple colours on patch handle bags?

Whatever your aesthetic, we aim to make it possible through our versatile printing capabilities. Choose from a wide range of colours, either utilising our 4 colour printing process or opting for 100% ink coverage. When you get in touch to discuss your design goals, we will recommend the best printing method for your patch handle plastic bags.

To find out more about what our patch handle plastic bags can do for your business, get in touch with our sales team.

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