Printed Jute Bags


Strong, durable and great-looking, printed jute bags by The Printed Bag Shop offer some fantastic benefits – which is why they are one of the most popular reusable bags in the business.

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Minimum Order Amount
Standard Delivery from 2 Weeks


Fast Track Available

*subject to production schedule

Minimum Order Amount


Printed Jute Bags


39cm x 35cm + 15cm natural jute

Prices based on natural jute printed 1 side 1 colour











*Prices per bag, and excluding VAT. Free setup and delivery.




Westwood_Jute Bag



100% Natural Jute


Print Specification

Spot Colours Only


39cm x 35cm x 15cm



Any size made to order

Strong, durable and great-looking, printed jute bags from The Printed Bag Shop offer some excellent benefits and are perfect for your business. Not only are these a great way to provide your customers with a bag that they can use again and again; with help from The Printed Bag Shop, you can add your business’ personality to your bags. Whether you want to put your brand name, logo or a memorable image onto your business’ jute bags, you can be sure that they will make a huge impact on everybody who sees them.


Jute is a natural material that is grown in Bengal in India, also known as hessian or burlap. Before making it into the bag industry, the strong natural fibres of jute were used to make rope, so you can be certain that your bags are going to be exceptionally strong and durable – no matter their purpose. We take pride in the durable designs of the jute bags that we offer our customers and also ensure that they are wholly versatile, meaning they can be used for everything from farm shops to memorable conference and exhibition giveaways.


Our branded jute bags are 100% natural, unbleached and undyed, and we ethically source, manufacture and import all of these bags from India in huge quantities to minimise our carbon footprint. Then, when the bags reach the UK, we implement a spot colour printing process using low-impact water-based inks to create the designs that you are looking for, while remaining environmentally friendly.

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100% Natural Bespoke Printed Jute Bags

Our bespoke printed jute bags can be tailored to your businesses needs. Achieve your design dreams with different shapes, sizes and customised designs, perfect for your brand image and promotions.

Printed jute bags are quickly becoming the bags of the future, and this exceptionally rustic look is becoming popular not only with farm shops and natural food stores, but also as a prevalent fashion accessory. Choosing to promote your brand on bespoke, printed jute bags can improve brand awareness and perpetuate a fantastic, conscious reputation for your business.

These exceptionally versatile bags are now the must-have, particularly with students looking to carry their books to school and college, so you can be sure that they will serve a huge number of purposes while still enhancing your brand’s visibility. Our exceptional design team can provide you with all the information that you need to create a design for your custom printed jute bags that your customers are certain to love.

The size of our printed jute bags ensures durability and improved functionality. The bags can support increased weights, so if your business provides larger, heavier goods or your customers are likely to purchase multiple items, anticipate their needs and stock our bespoke jutes for your customer’s convenience. This will also mean your printed jute bags are better for everyday and repeated use; your customers are likely to reuse your branded bags and promote your business without you trying! In fact, the quality of these fantastic bags, you can provide packaging solutions and still breakeven or turn a profit, so you will be profiting from your own promotions!

Although the structure of these bags is not completely recyclable, they are constructed from blended and eco-friendly materials. The improved lifetime means they are still a conscious and reusable option for your merchandising.

Printed Jute Bag Details

With our bespoke printed jute bags, your customers will associate your brand with quality and style, and from just £2.03 per bag, there are plenty of reasons why you should try out these incredibly strong, fashionable bags for your business. Get in touch with a member of our team today to find out more.

We stock jute bags in the size 38cm x 37cm x 14cm, but can create any size and style that you desire, so you can create bags that truly reflect your needs. Due to the importation of our popular reusable jute bags, our standard delivery is 10 weeks.

To find out more about what our printed jute bags can do for your business, get in touch with our help desk on 0191 268 7555 or via our contact form.