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Standard Delivery From 3/4 Weeks
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Minimum Order Amount: 500
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Fast Track 7-10 Days *Subject To Production Schedule

At The Printed Bag Shop, we understand the importance of delivering a memorable unboxing experience to your customers. Our custom mailing bags are designed to unleash your creativity, allowing you to showcase your brand in a unique and eye-catching way. We offer a variety of customisation options, including sizes tailored to your needs and printing specifications that can feature up to 8 spot colours or 4-color CMYK printing.

For businesses that operate solely online or those in a physical store with home delivery services, our custom mailing bags provide an opportunity to make your packages distinctly identifiable, creating a lasting brand impression throughout the transit process.

EXAMPLE PRICES: Printed Mailing Bags

305 x 410 + 50mm 60mic Co-ex

Prices based on white co-ex printed 2 sides 1 colour.

Quantity Price
500 £ 292.00
1000 £ 318.60
3000 £ 230.95
5000 £ 196.65

*Prices per 1,000 except for 500 quantity. Prices exclude printing plates and VAT. Delivery included.


  • LDPE – Co-Ex
  • 240 gauge (60 micron)

Print Specification

  • Spot Colours
  • 4 Colour Process (Minimum 5,000 bags)
  • 100% ink coverage, e.g. black bag with white/coloured logo (Minimum 3,000 bags

Additional Extras

  • Perforations for easy opening
  • Punched handle for carrying
  • Double seal for sealing again to return parcel.

Mailing Bags With Handles

  • Better for the customer to carry
  • Requires 80mm of the bag size to create the handle
  • An additional cost of approximately £12 per 1,000 bags

On 5,000+ Quantity

Custom sizes available!

For 500+ Quantity
255 x 330 +50mm – Small
305 x 410 + 50mm – Medium
355 x 460 + 50mm – Large
460 x 510 + 50mm – X Large

What Kind of Materials and Sizes Do You Offer?

At The Printed Bag Shop, we provide a range of materials and sizes to cater to diverse business needs. Our custom mailing bags are made from LDPE – Co-Ex material, ensuring durability and strength. For quantities of 500 or more, choose from sizes such as Small (255 x 330 +50mm), Medium (305 x 410 + 50mm), Large (355 x 460 + 50mm), and X Large (460 x 510 + 50mm).

We also offer finishing options like handles for carrying convenience, and double seals for secure parcel return. If you’re looking to add a touch of luxury to your packaging, explore our eco-friendly range, which includes printed postal boxes and printed tissue paper!

Printed Mailing Bags Designed for You

Our commitment to quality ensures that every printed mailing bag we produce is a true reflection of your brand personality. We have a team of experienced designers ready to work with you, bringing your vision to life and ensuring that each bag meets your specific requirements. Whether you need a bold and vibrant design or a more subtle and elegant look, our printing capabilities allow us to produce precisely what you’re looking for.

We believe that customer satisfaction is vital, and our dedication to delivering high-quality, custom-designed printed bags is a testament to that commitment. When your customers open their delivery, we want them to feel the excitement of receiving a package that not only meets their expectations but exceeds them.

Sample logo packaging

How We Can Help

At The Printed Bag Shop, our focus goes beyond providing excellent products; we strive to build lasting relationships with our customers. We have a rich portfolio of work, showcasing our expertise in designing personalised mailing bags for businesses of all sizes. Your happiness is our priority, and our experienced team is dedicated to understanding your brand identity, ensuring that the custom postage bags we create align with your vision.

Whether you’re a startup or an established business, our commitment to delivering top-notch products and exceptional customer service remains unwavering. Let us help you make a statement with your custom poly mailers today!

Making The Switch To Recyclable Mailing Bags

The single-use nature of a printed mailing bag makes it unsuitable for reuse, so opting for recyclable mailing bags is recommended. Once the package has arrived safely at its destination, customers can simply dispose of the printed mailing bag at their local recycling facility.

Using recyclable mailing bags does not mean compromising on quality; we only use the highest quality materials and advanced mailing bag printing technology so you can achieve the most from your custom packaging bags.

Our eco-friendly range expands beyond recyclable mailing bags. Our printed postal boxes add a touch of luxury whilst being made from 100% recyclable materials and our printed plastic bags are also recyclable.


Custom Mailing Bags FAQs

Can custom mailing bags be recycled?

Our printed mailing bags are 100% recyclable. After safely delivering the package, customers can easily dispose of the bags in their household recycling facilities, contributing to a more sustainable future.

Can I add my branding to printed mailing bags?

Our personalised mailing bags are designed to enhance brand recognition. With our high-quality printing capabilities, you can add up to 8 spot colours or opt for 4-colour CMYK printing to showcase your logo, brand colours, and promotional messages.

Can I order custom mailing bags in bulk?

Yes, you can. Whether you’re a small business or a large enterprise, we accept orders for our custom packaging that are over 500 pieces, and we offer discounted rates on larger quantities. Ordering in bulk ensures you maintain a reliable stock of custom packaging bags while saving on your budget.

Are printed mailing bags available in different sizes?

Our range of sizes, from small to extra-large, allows you to find packaging that suits your product range perfectly. We can print on various sizes to meet all your business needs, ensuring you can fulfil customer orders of all sizes without excess packaging.

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