Printed Tissue Paper


Impressed Customers, Excellent Green Credentials, And Low Prices – There’s A Lot To Love About Our Printed Tissue Paper – And What It Can Do For Your Business.

Standard Delivery From 3-4 Weeks

(depending on quantity)


Fast Track – 2 Weeks
Minimum Order Amount

(1 ream = 500 sheets)

Standard Delivery From 3-4 Weeks

(depending on quantity)


Fast Track – 2 Weeks
Minimum Order Amount

(1 ream = 500 sheets)


Printed Tissue Paper


500 x 750 17gsm Luxury Crisp Tissue

Prices based on white tissue printed 1 colour (random print)


1 ream

(500 sheets)

2 reams

(1,000 sheets)

6 reams

(3,000 sheets)

10 reams

(5,000 sheets)






*Prices per ream. Prices include setup and delivery and VAT.





White 17gsm MF (Machine Finished) Luxury Crisp

White 22gsm MG (Machine Glazed) Luxury Soft

Coloured 17gsm MF (Machine Finished) Luxury Crisp

Black 30gsm Premier


Print Specification

1 & 2 Spot Colours

500 x 750mm – Sheets

Whatever your business, you’ll discover that our printed tissue paper offers a huge range of benefits. Not only is it exceptionally cost-effective, it also provides the perfect way to truly enhance your products and services. However, when you turn to The Printed Bag Shop, we will provide you with bespoke printed tissue paper that can help to make your brand more visible, while providing your customers with a more luxurious retail experience.


With plenty of colours and designs to choose from when it comes to our printed tissue paper, you can be sure that your products are benefiting from a packaging material that has excellent green credentials too. Impress your customers and enhance your brand at the same time, with the help of printed tissue paper.


With an expert design service to help you to create the perfect design for your tissue paper packaging, you can be sure that it will truly enhance your brand to its maximum potential.


When it comes to colours, you can choose from the full Pantone range with up to two spot colours per design. Your design can also be printed randomly or in a fixed position. With a choice of roll size, you can be sure that we can provide you with everything that you need for your brand to make an impact. Whether you’re looking for luxury packaging for an event, for your gift-wrapping service, or part of your general packaging, you can be sure to find the perfect solution with our bespoke printed tissue paper.

Custom Tissue Paper For Your Customers



Printed tissue paper is the perfect way to wrap merchandise, protect delicate goods and reinforce your brand image. Printed tissue paper from The Printed Bag Shop is fully customisable and can be designed in brand colours to suit your businesses. Adding another texture of branded packaging material is also an extremely popular for brands looking to market as luxury or towards high-end consumers.


Printed tissue paper is low-cost and light weight; it’s an affordable way to show your customers you care. Branded tissue paper can be used as a standalone packaging material when serving your customers in person. Alternatively, if you are an online retailer, printed tissue paper is an extra deluxe layer to care for your merchandise. For the full package, wrap up delicate items and seal them with printed packaging tape to effectively protect your goods, too.


Our team of designers at The Printed Bag Shop can work with your business to create complimenting printed mailing bags and printed tissue paper. A cohesive design will give any SME the look and feel of a professional, boutique company and appeal to new customers. Our design team is committed to working with different businesses and understanding the aesthetic goals of individual brands, curating images and packaging that achieves targets.


Printed Tissue Paper adds to an ethical brand image as it can be recycled; Sustainability works hand in hand with luxury and exclusive branding, suitable for businesses looking to capture a high-end customer base.


More About Printed Tissue Paper


At The Printed Bag Shop, we have designed printed tissue paper for a variety of brands in a huge range of industries from SME’s to corporations, including; exclusive interior accessories at Hanley’s of Cork, top end health and lifestyle products from Fortune Healthcare, artwork and accessories from Hus Gallery and designer fashion from Diverse Clothing.


All orders of printed tissue paper are subject to a minimum order of 10 reams. All businesses will benefit from excellent, dedicated customer care. We are passionate about helping you achieve business and marketing goals as soon as possible. Standard delivery time is 7-10 days.


Printed tissue paper is available in 500 x 750 mm sheets. The material is easy to work with and cut down to your own requirements.

Supplying Top Brands


To find out more about what our printed tissue paper can do for your business, get in touch with our help desk on 0191 268 7555 or via our contact form.