Printed Punched Handle Plastic Bags


Printed punched handle plastic bags are one of the world’s most popular types of plastic carrier bag. Browse The Printed Bag Shop’s range and find bags perfect for retail, exhibitions and much more.

Standard Delivery 3/4 Weeks


Fast Track Delivery 7/10 Days
Minimum Order Amount
Standard Delivery 3/4 Weeks


Fast Track Delivery 7/10 Days
Minimum Order Amount

Printed Punched Handle Bags


15” x 18” x 3” 180/360g
Prices are based on white bags, printed 2 sides 1 colour











*Prices per 1,000, Prices exclude printing plates and VAT. Delivery is included.



180/360 gauge (45/90 micron)

250/500 gauge (62/125 micron)


Print Specification

Spot Colours Only

1 side up to 3 spot colours

2 sides up to 3 colours per side


Additional extras

Choice of coloured handle

Perforations in bottom of bag for child safety

Ideal as small accessory bags or children’s party bags


8 x 10

8 x 12

10 x 12

Ideal for retail and exhibitions


12 x 16 x 3

12 x 18 x 3

15 x 18 x 3

16 x 18 x 3

18 x 18 x 3

Ideal for fashion or bulkier items (e.g. coats & Jackets)


22 x 18 x 3

24 x 18 x 3


Punched handle plastic bags are one of the world’s most popular bags due to their versatility, durability and style. Now, you can provide your customers with their own keepsake of your brand, while providing them with a practical, long-lasting, comfortable to carry bag with our printed punched handle plastic bags.


Our expert design team will work closely with you and your brand so they learn everything they need to know in order to create a bespoke design which you and your customers will love. You can arrange for a range of thicknesses for your bags depending on what you want them to carry and their purpose. Whether you’re looking for an attractive option for an event or a product giveaway, our printed punched handle plastic bags are the perfect choice.


Punched handle bags are commonly used in a variety of different retail stores such as fashion shops and gift stores, as well as providing the ideal bag for those looking for a gift bag for their clients and customers at conferences, exhibitions and events.


The bespoke punched handle plastic bags that we provide here at The Printed Bag Shop, are some of the most durable, and customisable bags that you can get, with a choice of up to four spot colours for our design team to provide you with the best design to suit your brand.

Supplying Top Brands


Enhance Your Brand With Custom Punched Handle Plastic Bags

If you’re considering using punched handle bags in your store, then turn to The Printed Bag Shop. Our team can provide you with the most suitable bags for your business, while helping you to enhance and promote your brand. You can truly maximise your brand’s exposure with our custom punched handle plastic bags, with your brand name and sales message being printed on all of your bags. When your customers leave your store, event or conference, they will leave with a reminder of your brand on a bag that they can use again and again.


One of the other benefits of our printed punched handle plastic bags is that they can help to reduce your business’ environmental footprint, with their degradable materials. Due to the fact that they are made of bio polythene, they will begin to degrade after being exposed to the sun. With our bags, you can not only protect the environment, but promote your brand at the same time!


With a range of sizes to choose from, from small accessory or party bags, to large printed punched handle bags perfect for bulkier fashion items, you can be sure that your brand will be promoted by every customer that has one of your bags. With fast-track delivery available so your order will be with you within 7-10 days, and a minimum order amount of just 1000 bags, you can be sure that your products will be with you quickly. From less than 10p per bag, not only are our custom punched handle plastic bags great for your customers, they are also a cost-effective option for you.


For more information on the bags that we provide, request a quote, or contact our 24 hour call answering team on 0191 268 7555 today.

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To find out more about what our printed punched handle bags can do for your business, get in touch with our help desk on 0191 268 7555 or via our contact form.