plastic carrier bags
May 6, 2021

Are Plastic Bags Recyclable?

Plastic bags have a reputation for being a poor option when it comes to sustainability, clogging up landfills and affecting local wildlife. A traditional single-use plastic bag can take hundreds of years to decompose so looking into alternative options to reduce our environmental footprints can make a great change. Although it is no secret that printed paper bags and reusable printed canvas bags are more sustainable options, sometimes the characteristics of printed plastic bags make them the only realistic options for certain businesses.

Are Plastic Bags Recyclable or Biodegradable?

Where plastic bags are a must-have, we often hear people asking ‘are plastic bags recyclable?’ by both business owners and customers alike. Over more recent years, the options available to us allow for more versatile decisions which mean we can achieve the best type of bag without having to sacrifice our ethical beliefs. Polythene plastic bags have the same durability and reusable qualities as traditional plastic bags but degrade when exposed to the sun, making them much easier to dispose of once they are no longer needed. In fact, if you’re wondering what to do with plastic bags once you are looking to get rid of them, disposing your recyclable plastic bags along with your compost will mean they can be turned into fertiliser for plants.

What to Do With Plastic Bags Once Used

Although we now know that the answer to ‘are plastic bags recyclable?’ is sometimes, that doesn’t mean we cannot make further use of our carrier bags before disposing of them. As well as saving the environment, thinking of what to do with plastic bags once they have served their purpose can help out around the home in day to day life. Here are just a handful of ways that you can make use of your plastic bags time after time again:

  • Keep your cupboards organised by storing those little bits and bobs together in one easy to find place. Whether its cables, knitting materials or cleaning rags, keep things tidy with a bit of a spring clean!
  • Clean away any potato peelings, tea bags or fruit offcuts into your old plastic bags, taking them to your local composting centre instead of filling up your general waste. With biodegradable plastic bags, there’s no need to worry about separating the contents from the bag.
  • Stuffing new shoes or handbags with plastic bags is a great tip for maintaining their shape, helping to keep their original condition for longer.
  • Keep a couple of carrier bags handy when on the go, either folded up in your handbag or in the glovebox of your car. You never know when you’ll get caught short when you pop in for a bit of shopping or want to tidy up any rubbish you may accumulate.

If you’re wondering what to do with plastic bags for your business, whether it’s making a switch to a more sustainable alternative or create branded carrier bags, please get in touch today. We are continuously working to create more environmentally friendly options which do not compromise on quality, helping you display your ethical side as a business.