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Custom Tote Bags

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Standard Delivery
10 Days
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Minimum Order Amount: 250
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Fast Track
2-3 Days

Do your bit for the environment with branded tote bags that are 100% recyclable and can be reused time after time. Here at The Printed Bag Shop, we go above and beyond to create custom tote bags which can be customised to your brand image so you can switch to environmentally friendly custom bags with ease. Choose the colour, design and printing style to bring your vision to life and impress your customers with your custom tote bags UK.

Customers love the aesthetic design of custom tote bags and their convenient shoulder strap, making them perfect for day to day use at work, school or grocery shopping. Our team of professional designers have extensive experience helping brands stand out from the crowd with unique and eye-catching designs so work alongside us to make your vision a reality!

Material and Thickness

  • 100% Natural Cotton, 5oz
  • 50 colours of cotton to choose from – click here to see them! (This PDF is unbranded, so you can send it on to your customers if needed)

Tote bag printing

  • Spot Colours
  • Full Colour Transfer

Custom Size

Custom printed tote bag sizes available to any specifications on order

Stock Size
38cm x 42cm

Make the Switch to Eco-Friendly Branded Tote Bags

Now more than ever, doing your bit is paramount. Switching from single use carrier bags to reusable branded tote bags is great for the more environmentally conscious consumer looking to minimise their single-use plastic intake, opting for longer lasting printed cotton bags which can be taken with them on the go. Our branded printed tote bags are also manufactured using ethically sourced materials which can be simply recycled after use.

The flexible nature of custom tote bags mean they can be easily folded and stored in handbags, pockets or cars and used when needed instead of having to pay for new carrier bags every time. As well as the environmentally friendly nature of custom tote bags UK, their durability makes them much more practical for carrying around heavier items without the worry of the bottom falling through or handle tearing off.

There has been a big jump in the popularity of custom tote bags recently as consumers are opting for more fashionable alternatives to regular carrier bags. We have helped create branded tote bags for businesses of all sizes and across all industries, creating unique designs in line with the businesses target audience so shoppers can choose stylish designs that they’ll wear with pride.

By offering you extensive options for customising, you can perfectly maintain your brand image with your custom tote bags UK. We can colour match your bags with your branding to maintain some consistency and get your bags just right, adding an extra touch of professionalism so your customer base can spot your design a mile off. In fact, there are over 50 colours of cotton to choose from so finding the perfect shade for your branded tote bags is one less worry!

Custom Printed Tote Bags Design Layout

Design Your Custom Tote Bags UK

Whatever you need your branded tote bags for, find just what you are looking for here. Once your base colour has been decided on, we’ll discuss the printing methods and finishes available so you can achieve maximum results for your custom tote bags UK. Our team will work with you to recommend the best approach for your business type, design and budget so you don’t have to spend hours researching the different options available.

Custom tote bags are a huge hit for customers but also work great for businesses, becoming a powerful marketing tool for increasing their brand recognition in the local area and catching the eye of the likeminded passers-by. To help you reach those that matter the most, we go beyond the printing and act as your partner to share our wealth of knowledge. Our years of experience with branding, design and customer research has created insights into what resonates with customers, helping you create the best custom tote bags UK.

It’s not just retail stores that can make use of branded tote bags. We have seen some great examples of custom tote bags being used for other scenarios such as events, trade shows and goodie bags, with their made-to-order design being fully customisable for the nature of the usage. We pride ourselves on outstanding customer service, working alongside you to create a professional design and producing your branded tote bags that are exactly what you have been looking for.

Custom Tote Bags When You Need Them

When working with the team at The Printed Bag Shop, you can be sure you are in the best hands. As well as being on hand to help you create stunning designs that your customers will love, we can also recommend different types of printed packaging for other business needs, ensuring you can find what you need at affordable prices.

To keep our prices so competitive for our custom tote bags UK, we keep our minimum order size at 250 pieces. As well as saving you money, buying custom tote bags in bulk will ensure you are kept well stocked for longer, having no worries about running out. If you do find yourself running short sooner than anticipated, we offer speedy 2-3-day fast track delivery options for tote bag printing, meeting tight deadlines as we understand just how stressful they can be.

If you would like to discuss your branded tote bags in more detail or would like some professional recommendations, don’t hesitate to get in touch.


Create Custom Printed Tote Bags

When working with the team at The Printed Bag Shop, you can be sure you are in the best hands. As well as our high quality tote bag printing, we can also work with you to create printed paper bags and printed packaging to meet your every need, both online and offline. We pride ourselves on outstanding customer service, working alongside you to create a professional design and producing your branded tote bags to meet your deadlines. As standard, we keep our lead times fair and can work with you to meet any urgent dates. With 2-3-day fast track options for tote bag printing, get ready for events and keep your store well stocked at all times.

We have helped create custom printed tote bags for businesses of all sizes and across all industries, no job is too big or too small. If you would like to discuss tote bag printing in more detail and come up with the perfect solution for your business, don’t hesitate to get in touch. We are ready to kick start the process and design the ultimate custom tote bags for your brand.


Can custom tote bags be reused?

Of course, we always encourage brands to produce tote bags with logos that their customers will choose to reuse, being a much eco-friendlier approach for both parties. Their versatile nature means they can be easily folded and stored in your handbag, pocket or car for when you need it.

What can printed tote bags be used for?

Many retail stores love tote bags thanks to their aesthetic appearance and ability to withstand heavier weights. As well as in stores, custom tote bags are perfect for events and goodie bags thanks to their premium appearance.

Can tote bag printing create a new background colour?

To help our customers create printed tote bags that resonate with their audience, we offer fifty different base colours which can then be printed on to create a unique design.

Are branded tote bags suitable for heavier items?

Unlike paper and plastic carrier bags, the strength of tote bags makes them suitable for heavier goods. The combination of strong fabric which is sewn together means you will not have to worry about customers’ purchases falling through the bottom of their bag.


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