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January 17, 2023

Best Ways to Repurpose Bags

What happens to your plastic bags and tote bags after you’ve gone shopping? For many, plastic bags are stored inside each other and stuffed into corners to be forgotten about. It’s that unfortunate moment of realisation once you’re shopping that you realise you’ve left your bags at home.

It happens to everyone, which is why so many people repurpose tote bags as shopping bags these days, but they’re still so easy to leave behind. Instead of fretting about your growing pile bags, consider trying to repurpose tote bags you have at home and use them for something else. You can also repurpose plastic bags instead of throwing them out because let’s face it, you paid at least 30 pence for that bag from your supermarket last time you forgot one and brought too much to carry.

How to repurpose bags

If you repurpose bags, you can do your bit to be more environmentally friendly and ensure that, at the very least, your bags won’t end up in a landfill. The idea of taking a tote bag or a plastic bag and using them for something other than carrying products isn’t anything new.

It’s better to reuse a bag until the end of its life than just throw it out straight away.

Ways to repurpose tote bags

  • Store fruits and vegetables
  • Use for travel
  • Wrap gifts inside
  • Put exercise clothes in them
  • Carry crochet or kitting projects around
  • Cut up and use them as rags
  • Sew them together as a picnic or beach blanket
  • Use as home storage

Ways to repurpose plastic bags

  • Makeshift mail bags
  • Bathroom bin bag
  • Use as a bag for wet clothes/swimwear
  • Shoe bag for your suitcase
  • Use them to clean up after your pets
  • Protect items in storage or while moving

Buying printed bags for your business

All this talk of bags must have you wondering about your small business or a friend’s business that’s taking off. Supplying bags for your consumers is an important part of customer service because it shows that you’re putting effort into running your business and have thought about your customer’s needs.

Whether you run stalls at festivals and fairs throughout the year or you have your own local storefront, you could be doing more for your customers. People love bags. They’re convenient and it’s annoying when there isn’t one available. But a plain bag won’t help you with free marketing.

By ordering printed plastic bags for your stall or store, you can ensure that you always have an extra way to help your customer and they’ll walk away with your business’ logo proudly displayed on that bag. It’s also great to invest in printed tote bags so they have a stronger option for repurposed bags they can use again in the future.

Printed tote bags are especially great for businesses that are eco-friendly, to show that you want to reduce plastic use where possible. However, plastic bags are good choices as well, because they can still be repurposed and are great for businesses that are just starting out.

At The Printed Bag Shop, we offer both printed plastic bags and printed tote bags to help you personalise your business. Browse our available options online and place an order today.