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September 13, 2016

The boom in printed bags for life

It’s unsurprising that across the United Kingdom, there’s been a steady increase in the amount of reusable bags, or ‘bags for life‘, being sold to consumers.

As we all try to live in a more environmentally friendly way, and as the levy on single use carrier bags spreads across the UK, making the most of reusable bags is the best option for us.

Although the carrier bag charge in England is fairly new, and as such the impact is still being measured, the charge has been in place in Northern Ireland and Wales for a few years now. Data from back then showed a huge reduction in single use carrier bags and a significant increase in bags for life, as well as the number of Welsh people taking their own bags shopping with them going up by an estimated 22%.

Whilst we haven’t seen official figures for the usage of bags for life in England since the charge came effect, it’s no big leap to assume we’ll see similar trends. Here at The Printed Bag Shop, we have already noticed a huge uplift in the number of customers looking to order products that can be used as bags for life.

What are the benefits of printed bags for life?

Printed bags for life offer strength, durability and reusability for customers, giving them a great product vital to their weekly shop that doesn’t end up filling their home with single use carrier bags which aren’t really tough enough to use again, but they might be reluctant to throw away.

The boom in bags for life offers a great opportunity for retailers – the chance to promote their brand with high quality bags, which will gain lots of repeated exposure, but for less cost, because their longer lifetime means less bags are needed to make the same impact.

There’s room for creativity too – you can do so much more with your printed bags for life than just stick your logo on there. Lots of top supermarkets are using the big space and printing potential of bags for life to showcase beautiful close up images of fresh fruit and vegetables, or to fit in with seasonal promotions.

What kind of products can be used as bags for life?

If you’re looking to invest in some printed bags for life – good news! You’re in the right place.

We have 3 top products that customers have been loving recently, thanks to the fact that they make great printed bags for life:

Printed Laminated Woven Bags


Our laminated woven bags are the ultimate choice if it’s strength and durability that you’re looking for. Their lamination makes them waterproof, which means they can handle all of your customers’ groceries.

And, they’re available in any Pantone colour, with the option of printing spot colours or a full CMYK photographic image, meaning the design options are limitless!

There’s an order amount of just 1000 bags, and though these take a while to produce, we do have a fast track option available which means you could receive your bags in just 6-8 weeks.

Printed Flexi Loop Plastic Bags


These little plastic numbers were probably one of the first kind of reusable bags we started to see in major supermarkets – not quite as thick as our other two options, they’re still super strong for their size and can be delivered to you in just 7-10 days with our fast track service.

The extra thick polythene handle is robust enough to handle the heaviest of groceries, and our flexi loop bags are made from fully biodegradable materials too.

Printed Jute Bags


Made from completely natural materials, printed jute bags have long been a favourite as a super reusable option for customers, and more and more top retailers are now including them in their range of bags for life.

Jute bags are one of our strongest products, meaning they last for longer and are much more practical for customers to carry their shopping home – they’re often reused for lots of other things too!

We can produce jute bags to any size or shape you like, and there’s a tiny minimum order of just 250 bags, making them a better value option for smaller retailers. And, we can deliver your jute bags in 10 days as standard. How’s that for fast turnaround?

Talk to our team about our range of printed bags for life today. Email or call 0191 268 7555 to request a quote!

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