christmas promotional bags
October 20, 2017

How You Can Use Promotional Bags To Boost Your Christmas Campaigns

While most of us don’t want to hear the word Christmas in October, for many businesses this time of festive madness is a major boost to their turnover.

We see Christmas advertising pretty much everywhere that a printed message can be applied; windows, posters, vehicles, and our faves – printed bags! The Printed Bag Shop elves are already working hard on custom promotional bags for many different businesses.

Let’s take a look at how you can use promotional bags to boost your Christmas campaigns.

If you already have a range of printed bags that you are happy with, or feel your promotional bags send out your message successfully and don’t want to mess with that, it doesn’t mean you can’t get into the festive spirit. Small subtle changes can tie into a festive design that will add some Christmas sparkle while keeping your brand and message consistent. You only have to think big brand names to see this in action – we always recognise Tesco or M&S bags when out shopping!

Using Christmas themed promotional bags will add so much value to the smaller retailer, especially in the beauty, jewellery or gifts sectors. A beautiful printed bag will catch the eye of shoppers everywhere, putting the name of your store, whether on the high street or online, into the heads of those on the hunt for Christmas gift ideas.

Promotional bags can have an amazing impact for fund raising or charity campaigns. If your company supports a charity or event, why not raise awareness through your festive printed bags. This can be sharing a hashtag or displaying the logo of the cause. Perhaps you have an online business running a competition or giving away gifts for loyalty spending? Promoting this on your mailing bags will get the message out there.

Use festive promotional bags for client events this Christmas

Many companies hold special events during the Christmas period; corporate companies, fashion stores or hotels hosting Christmas parties for example. If this is you, use the opportunity of a captive audience; hand out goodie bags printed with your branding and Christmas message. Everyone loves a goodie bag; a memorable one will make it home, raising awareness of your business down many avenues.

Christmas is always a good time for retailers to put product offers together. If this is something that you do in your business, using Christmas themed promotional bags to package these offers adds to their value for the customer. A Christmas bag for a jewellery store that is so festive the gift is given just as it is will get your name out there one step further.

Embracing the festive spirit doesn’t stop at promotional bags to boost your Christmas campaigns. Why not offer customers a gift bag or wrapping service on Christmas gifts?

  • The luxury of a beautiful laminated paper bag, printed with your branding and festive message will make any gift feel extra special.
  • Festive printed tissue paper will protect delicate items. Brand this well, it could travel far and wide with Christmas gifts.
  • Printed stickers are a subtle way of ensuring that your brand goes out with all the products you sell. A sticker can secure a printed gift bag, folded tissue paper or even cellophane on flower arrangements, another sure way of spreading awareness of your brand.
  • Printed ribbon celebrating Christmas and your branding is perfect for tying gift boxes or tissue wrapped purchases.

With so many ways to promote your brand during the build up to Christmas frenzy, there is something to suit all businesses.

If you’re looking at printing promotional bags to boost your Christmas campaigns and need help with design ideas, talk to us at The Printed Bag Shop, we’re feeling very festive right now!