April 2, 2014

#CarrierBrand Case Study: Yorkshire Tea’s #teaonthetrain

Whilst on a train journey recently, enjoying a nice cup of tea to keep us going, we spotted a brilliant use of carrier bags to promote a brand’s new campaign; Yorkshire Tea have started emblazoning their tea packaging and the paper bags it comes in with their signature orange branding and logo, and encouraging consumers to tweet them pictures from their journey using the hashtag #teaonthetrain!

The hashtag #teaonthetrain is part of a bigger campaign, designed to celebrate a ‘proper brew’ courtesy of Yorkshire Tea and to create and experience for everyone who drinks it. Building on the recent Yorkshire Tea television adverts, #teaonthetrain looks to bring together tea drinkers and start a buzz through word of mouth about tea and how much people love it.

Along with this, Yorkshire Tea held a promotional event where they invited 200 journalists, bloggers, influencers and tea fans aboard the historic Orient Express, which was transformed into ‘The Yorkshire Tea Train’. They experienced a three and a half hour journey through the countryside, full of live music and dancing, learning about the history of the brand, as well as tea itself.

Yorkshire Tea is the fastest growing major tea brand in the UK, and wanted to thank customers for their ongoing support by inviting them to the special event, as well as create an online community through social media for commuters to show their allegiance to the brand. This campaign is a brilliant example of how doing something creative with your company’s packaging and bags can directly communicate a message to your customers, or point them to one on the web or social media. By using eye-catching printed bags to promote their drive on Twitter, they brought a brand that could be considered as very traditional and old-fashioned onto a modern digital platform.

How could your brand’s bags let your customers know about your latest offers or initiatives? We have a team of experienced designers to help you develop your own bespoke bags and maximise the advertising potential of such a simple but powerful medium.