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April 16, 2018

Case Studies: Printed Bags for Coffee Shops


Did you know that today is the start of UK Coffee Week? It’s a nationwide celebration of coffee, uniting the industry with its customers in a fundraiser to help the communities that grow the coffee we love.

The London Coffee Festival (12-15 April) kicks off UK Coffee Week (16-22 April) with 250 artisan coffee and gourmet food stalls, many offering tastings and demonstrations. There will be interactive workshops, street food, coffee-based cocktails, live music and much more. 50% of their ticket sales will be donated to support Project Waterfall; bringing clean drinking water to the coffee growing communities.

Whether it’s for the UK Coffee Week or not, getting your coffee shop to stand out among the many lining our high streets can be quite a challenge. This is why marketing and advertising your coffee shop is so important; including designing a logo and message that is suitable for all your marketing outlets, from digital, like your website and social media, to the physical, like your shop design, take-away cups and printed bags.

Here at The Printed Bag Shop we work with a great number of coffee shop clients, each with their unique branding and design ideas. To help you work out what’s best for you, we’ve put together some case studies on printed bags for coffee shops.

starbucks bags

Case Study: Starbucks

We all know Starbucks, the leading chain of coffee shops around the world. Their mission is to do more than serve good coffee; they want to make a positive impact in the communities they serve; one person, one cup and one neighbourhood at a time.

In 2009 Starbucks announced a five-year partnership with the Prince’s Trust to help disadvantaged young people, offering two-week unpaid work placements in its coffee shops in Brighton, Glasgow, Manchester and Nottingham.

The Printed Bag Shop was brought in to produce two types of printed cotton bags that would deliver their message and their support for the Prince’s Trust. One of which was for their world 2010 Leadership Conference, the other a cool design showing their support for the Prince’s Trust. The bags were to raise money for the Trust, and their brief was to buy a bag for less than £1 and sell it for a profit.

Spec 1:

  • Long Handled Cotton Shopper
  • H:420 – W:380
  • Printed 2 colours 1 side
  • Print Colours – Pantone Process Black – Pantone 4625 Brown
  • Cotton colour – Natural


The simple, effective design of a giant coffee bean made from lots of smaller coffee beans, and a play on the word ‘been’ in the text ‘I’ve bean to…’ is instantly understandable and gets the message out there.


Spec 2:

  • Long Handled Cotton Shopper
  • H:420 – W:380
  • Printed 3 colours 1 side
  • Print Colours – Pantone Process Black – Pantone 4625 Brown – Pantone 2592 Purple
  • Cotton colour – Natural


Continuing the theme, this design also uses a play on words. The design is a large snowflake-style star made up of lots of small coffee beans in Pantone 4625 Brown, with two smaller snowflake stars either side made from tiny coffee beans in a regal 2592 purple, both of which associate the star with Starbucks. The snowflakes and the colour purple bring a winter season feel to the bag. We don’t have stats, but we are sure that it was a hit with customers, raising plenty of money for the Prince’s Trust.


printed coffee shop bags

Case Study: The Coffee House

This chain of independent coffee houses has shops in Lynn, Partington, Sale and Widnes. They opened their first coffee house in Lynn in 2011, born from the idea by three local residents who wanted to bring something new to the way people enjoyed coffee in the area. The Coffee House in Partington, purpose built in 2015, is now their central facility where all their homemade food is produced.

Their branding is simple and sophisticated; white on black with a small cluster of coffee beans representing the ‘O’ in coffee. The Coffee House came to us in April 2017 to purchase two styles of printed bags, flat handled paper bags and sandwich bags.

Spec 1:

  • Flat Handle Paper Bag
  • H:215 – W:180 – D:90
  • Printed 2 colours 2 sides
  • Print Colours – 100% Black coverage with White text and logo


Spec 2:

  • Paper Sandwich Bag
  • H:8.5” – W:8.5”
  • Printed 2 colours 2 sides
  • Print Colours – 100% Black coverage with White text and logo


The lovely design has the circular logo on one side and their name on the other side of the bag. Both designs are consistent with their digital branding on their website and social media as well as in-store branding.


sea island coffee


Case Study: Sea Island Coffee

Sea Island Coffee began in 2007, taking its name from the many sea islands that are home to some of the world’s finest single origin coffee. All of their coffees are a product of a unique combination of soil, climate and topography. Sea Island Coffee roast beans weekly, grinding and packing the coffee to order ensuring that every cup is as fresh as possible. You can visit their online store or their retail store in Old Brompton Road, London, where you will find over 50 of the world’s rarest and most wonderful coffees.


  • Laminated Paper Bag in 2 sizes
  • H:380 – W:420 & H:270 – W:340
  • Printed 2 colours 2 sides
  • Print Colours – 100% Black coverage with White logo
  • Matt Finish with Silver Eyelets & Ribbon Slots

Their classic logo design stands out on the matt black finish of these luxurious printed laminated bags.

If you’re a coffee shop looking to get the most from your branding with printed bags, The Printed Bag Shop is the place to come. Our talented design team will create a bag that reflects your company branding and message, getting it out there that you are the coffee shop to be seen in!

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