Paper Bag With Food
April 30, 2019

Choose Paper: Why You Should Opt For Paper Bags For Your Food


When it comes to choosing between paper and plastic, there is no doubt that paper comes out on top every time when it comes to what is better for the environment. Today more than ever, it has been brought to light how bad plastic really is for our world; clogging up oceans and wiping out our wildlife. Fortunately, paper has stepped in as an alternative for plastic, but why?

Paper Is A Renewable Source

Farmed trees produce paper on a very large scale. Millions of trees are planted at once and as soon as they’ve been harvested, more trees are planted to continue the rotation of production. This is great news for us as it means that paper is renewable and is being constantly produced. In fact, the new saplings are planted at an average rate of 260,000 new trees a day – that’s a lot of trees!

Can You Find A More Sustainable Product?

Paper is produced with a high percentage of renewable biomass energy, making it really beneficial for the environment. As one of the most recycled products in the world, this is a great replacement for plastic.

What’s more, paper bags can turn organic waste into compost and even has the ability to enable organic contents to breathe – it’s so eco-friendly!

Paper Improves Style And Design

Paper has so many benefits, including the ability to improve the style and design of a food or dish. For example, if you work in a restaurant and want to serve a traditional style dish of fish and chips, you can use patterned paper for the fish to sit on or wrap the chips in branded paper. The paper used to wrap up food can increase brand awareness by showcasing the logo of a company.  Paper is excellent packaging, which can create a good first impression of a brand and increase brand visibility.

In addition to promoting your business on a paper bag, you can also make your business interactive through the QR codes that can be scanned with smart phones.

Paper Is Better Than Plastic!

Despite plastic still being used for pretty much everything, it needs to be cut down and replaced with paper. Plastic opposed to paper has many disadvantages, including the extensive cost of recycling and the volume of landfills that it takes up. What’s worst, even though durability should be a positive, it means that plastic that takes up landfills will stay there for years to come and not decompose.

Plastic has other detrimental impacts and downfalls, including:

  • It’s Damaging To The Lives Of Animals
  • It Leads To An Increase In Pollution Levels
  • It Releases Harmful Fumes
  • It Endangers The Lives and Wellbeing Of Animals


You Can Use Paper For All Foods

Paper bags can be used for a number of different foods, from takeaways, to sandwiches and even cakes! They’re light weight and incredibly easy to store in shops and restaurants, meaning that they don’t take up lots of valuable space. Plus, they are cheap to buy in bulk and they make serving customers more efficient, especially during peak times.

If you would like additional information about paper bags or printed bags, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team and we will help you with any queries you may have.