christmas event ideas
November 30, 2017

Christmas Event Ideas To Capture Your Customers

The shopping frenzy is building for Christmas 2017, with cash registers singing in stores and online. If you’re looking for ways to make your store or website the one people stop to purchase from, these Christmas event ideas to capture your customers may spark an influx of trade this festive season.

Hold a sale – The most obvious Christmas event idea is to have a sale. ‘But everyone is doing it!’ we hear you cry! That’s because they work! Whether people are getting a true bargain or not, everyone is attracted by the word ‘sale’. The secret is to make your sale a little different.

One big bargain day with a massive reduction on a popular purchase can bring shoppers in, because it’s time sensitive, especially if you sell a well-known brand, or the season’s must-have item. Once you have the shoppers inside show off other items with smaller price reductions.

It’s worth remembering that usually offering a discount can be more successful than giving a free product over a certain spend. That being said, a free gift can work to attract a bigger spend, especially if your business is more of a niche area. For example, if you sell beauty products, offering a free lipstick could well incentivise customers to spend that little bit more to get it.

Drip-fed events – something like 12 Deals of Christmas works well for online retailers. I’m sure we’ve all seen emails popping up in our inbox at regular intervals. Engaging images and attractive prices will have you clicking through to the website, where chances are you’ll buy more than the original item that took you there. This event idea can be successful for high street stores too.

Come up with 12 ideas, all slightly different geared towards getting people to visit your store. Check out your local Christmas events calendar; turning on the lights, an outdoor carol service, Christmas markets etc., making sure some of your deals coincide, as the streets will be busier these days. Your deals can be a discount of specific items, 3 for 2 offers, or a Christmas fashion show with discounts on the night.

If you sell kitchen products or artisan foods, a cookery demonstration using your products is an idea. Who isn’t attracted by mouth-watering smells wafting from a shop doorway? Something like this can bring in the crowds and increase sales.

Like with online, one key to the success of a campaign like this is getting the word out there. If you have an email database – use it! Promote the day’s deal and sending tantalising hints as to the deals still to come. Post on your social media platforms too. Using a common theme for each of your deals will make your brand easily recognisable.

Store Cards & Gift Cards – these are another great tool when it comes to Christmas event ideas to capture your customers. Many of the top UK stores have successful store card promotions all year round which encourage us to be loyal to their store. You can offer loyalty rewards to customers like double points on specific purchases, or a deal-of-the-day for store card holders. Get new customers to sign up for their store card with an initial discount on their first purchase or an eye-catching free gift displayed on the counter.

For smaller retailers who don’t operate store cards, giving your own gift card with purchases can encourage shoppers to return.

A gift card is a great incentive for return custom in more areas than retail. Restaurants, spa centres, sports clubs and more can use gift cards or vouchers to generate more custom. Try hosting a Christmas event showcasing your products and services. Offer products at discounted prices on the day and hand out gift cards to encourage return customer or new members.

A word of advice… gift cards should be of a value that will make the customer feel it is worth while returning.

Launch a referral campaign – invite regular customers, like those on your mailing list or with store cards, to a special ‘bring a friend’ event. Again this could be an in-store cookery demonstration, a beauty event, fashion show etc. Encourage customers to attend with promotions like a branded goodie bag, product discounts and maybe a prize draw on the day for a worthy star prize. Something like this can bring in new custom and show your appreciation of loyal regular customers.

Partner up with other brands and businesses – selecting businesses in your area that complement what you do for a joint promotional event can be successful in capturing more Christmas business this year. If you sell multiple brands, talk to their reps about teaming up for a Christmas event that will benefit everyone.

Now that you have Christmas event ideas to capture your customers – two things to remember…

Keep an eye on your stock – things will get hectic, and running out of best sellers will result in unhappy shoppers and lost revenue.

Promote, promote, promote – an event without being promoted and advertised at your target market is just another day at the store. Building up hype and excitement will be sure to bring in the crowds.

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