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September 23, 2017

Custom Printed Tape and More: How to Step Up Your Printed Packaging

You have a super effective, well branded website. You’re a dab-hand at promoting your brand on social media. You have a fantastic brand aesthetic which comes across effortlessly with your products. Why stop there? Complementing your brand and your products with printed packaging will further strengthen your presence in the market.

You’ve listened to us when we go on about the advantages of printed bags, but now let us tell you why there are huge benefits to branding every element of your packaging, from printed tissue paper to printed tape and everything in between.

There are classic examples of how branded packaging resonates with its target market in the high-end luxury fashion and beauty products like Gucci, Mulberry and the classic Chanel interlinked Cs. This subtle marketing of their brand makes it memorable to pretty much everyone, even if they have never bought these products. You can have this for your branding too when you use more of the printed packaging options available to you.


different markets and how printed packaging can work for you.

As fashion, jewellery and beauty retailers you have probably already invested in quality, luxury laminated paper bags (if not it’s something to consider… we do a great range here at The Printed Bag Shop!). Wrapping your luxury or delicate products in tissue paper is a nice touch; tissue paper printed with your memorable branding or message makes the purchase extra special for your customer, plus it will take your brand a step further to them remembering and sharing your brand with others.

Here at The Printed Bag Shop we have great product combos for your brand. A printed laminated paper bag filled with branded tissue paper, wrapped with printed ribbon, or custom printed tape – the perfect branded packaging solution, don’t you agree?

Packaging for the food industry doesn’t have to be plain and unappetising – if it is, it could make you as forgettable as yesterday’s sandwich. If printed sandwich bags are outside your budget right now why not consider investing in branded stickers? With an eye-catching logo or message you can capture the attention of the hungry customer, helping them to remember you the next time they are feeling peckish. Use the stickers to seal a wrapped sandwich or a printed sandwich bag and be remembered for your awesome food!

Online shopping is big business these days. Whether you’re a multi-million pound business or a small artisan, branding your mail packaging makes sound sense if you are to compete with the many other online retailers. If you must use a plain mailing bag due to the sensitivity or expense of the contents, or you simply can’t afford printed mailing bags, don’t forget that we have a range of sizes in unprinted mailing bags here at The Printed Bag Shop.

Don’t let your unprinted mailing bags prevent you from promoting your brand on packaging. Wrapping products in tissue paper before putting into the mailing bags is a nice touch and gives added protection during the delivery process. Printed packaging will promote your brand for a second time to the customer who visited your website and purchased, reminding them to tell others about the beautiful or useful product, your excellent service or your great website, to friends and family. It all helps in getting your name further into your market area.

Take an extra step: if you sell luxury items tie up the tissue paper with printed ribbon, or for the more practical items securing with custom printed tape will complete the professional look.

Pretty much every business that sells products will benefit from printed packaging.

Whether its bags, tissue paper, ribbon or tapes, without printed packaging your business could be missing out – with it your business could grow beyond your wildest dreams!

Professional, printed packaging will lift your business and your brand to the next level. Why not step up your printed packaging? Talk to our sales team about the range of printed packaging and custom printed tape we can offer.