Re usable printed bags
December 15, 2015

How to be the number one choice of reusable printed bags.

We know the carrier bag tax has had a huge impact on the consumer’s decision on whether to take a carrier bag when purchasing their shopping. You only have to look at the statistics to see this, or, even watch what happens the next time you are shopping. A lot of people are now choosing to carry their milk and bread, rather than pay for a carrier bag.

As a business, small or large, printed bags can form a huge part of your promotional and marketing strategy and we’re here to tell you not to give up on your printed bags as a marketing tool! Smart suppliers can forge ahead of their competitors and take advantage of the carrier bag tax.

The carrier bag tax has been a big topic of discussion here at The Printed Bag Shop and up until recently we’ve always looked at the impact from our customer’s point of view – we worried your brands wouldn’t receive as much exposure and questioned the outcome this could have.

However, yesterday morning we were discussing the carrier bag tax from our point of view, from a consumer’s point of view. And my oh my, why did we not think of this approach sooner?

After our discussions and debates on what we thought of the carrier bag tax, we’ve come to the conclusion that everyone has the opportunity to benefit, and we mean really benefit. Our beautiful planet will be safer and cleaner, as consumers we will effectively contribute to helping us become an eco-friendly planet AND our customers have now got the opportunity to become the number one re-useable printed bag of choice – if of course, you get it right!

We discussed how we have all personally responded to the bag tax, many people in the team said they pay the 5p fee and others said they consistently carry a re-usable bag. We were interested in the people who consistently carry a re-useable printed bag. What was interesting was, not only did they carry a re-usable bag with them every where they went, they carried a specific re-useable bag and here are the re-occurring patterns we saw with these bags. These consumers had become walking advertisements of their chosen bag’s brand.



These particular bags were durable and strong, the bags were extremely flexible and appropriate for a range of different shopping trips – food shopping at the super market, clothes shopping at the fashion outlets and even DIY shopping. The bags were all versatile and durable.

So, when you’re designing your printed bags, try and think from the consumer’s point of view – people are not only now looking for bags which can serve them during one of their shopping experiences, but all of them. Make sure your bags are suitable for all products and not just your own.

Here’s a list of our durable printed bags:




The design of these chosen re-usable printed bags were stunning and perfect for its target audience. They really reflected on what their target audience would enjoy carrying around – they became an accessory, just as a handbag has now become.

One of the bags discussed was a John Lewis Patched handle bag, the design was a mosaic of the history of John Lewis advertisements, it told a story and looked particularly sheek with a vintage edge – perfect for its target audience.

When you’re designing your bags, don’t just think about your needs – to have a bold predominate logo, a call to action or an overwhelming link to your website. Think about what your customers would enjoy carrying around with them.

This will help you build an army of advocates.



This aspect was a big one. All bags were convenient. They were all able to fold down into a small compact space and as mentioned above, they were strong and sizable – perfect for a range of shopping trips.

Here’s our suggested pick of convenient and durable bags:


Lover of the brand

These bags fitted into a wider experience the consumes had with the brand. They had already had a positive experience on social media, in store or online, this was just one step on their journey of becoming a brand advocate. So to help make your printed bags the number one choice for re-usable bags, make sure your consumers are already having positive experiences with your brand in all other aspects of your business. Every touch point, however large or small paints a picture of how your respect and love your consumers – make sure they know how you feel!

We’d love to hear other tips on how to make your printed bags the re-usable bag of choice. Tweet us at @printedbagshop and let us know how you built an army of advocates.