Christmas marketing tips
November 2, 2017

Our favourite Christmas marketing tips to boost your brand

For most retailers these coming weeks building up to Christmas are their busiest – and so hopefully you have your Christmas marketing campaign all planned out, and are already cashing in on an increase in sales, footfall or traffic to your online store.

But, if you still need a little inspiration, we thought we’d share with you our favourite ways to use Christmas to boost your brand.

Window Displays

It seems it’s never too early to set out your Christmas window display. Having said that, don’t just throw the well-used Christmas tree, tinsel garlands and a few fairy lights into the window – put some thought into it!

Being inventive and creative will result in a magical window display that will have those that see it flocking through your door. While magical and imaginative, your themed window display should also be centred on your branding and the products you sell. Be sure to bring in the colours of your logo and remember your audience – how can you best stand out to them as they’re walking down the high street?

If you sell jewellery, or are a fashion retailer, nothing says Christmas like sparkle. A winter wonderland window display with splashes of sparkle, sequins and bling is sure to grab the attention of party goers and jewellery lovers. Any store that sells kids stuff can have a ball when it comes to decorating their window displays. Know what’s cool this season, because attracting kids to your store attracts parents too!

Of course engaging window displays don’t just apply to physical shops. If you’re an online retailer, no matter how big or small, dressing your home page like a Christmas themed shop window will be a magnet for online shoppers. This doesn’t have to be an expensive job; there are plenty of quality seasonal stock images to be found on sites like Shutterstock or Pexels that you can upload to your website yourself. Of course, if you have your own marketing and design team they will be able to create something magical that will incorporate your brand, helping you to stand out from the online crowd.

Sales and Special Offers

Once festive window displays and Christmas TV ads start appearing it’s time to put together some strategically planned special offers. Have something for the early bird browsers – it will encourage them to spend early and not want to miss the offer. Draw up your marketing plan and be sure to publicise your specials. We all know when Boots have their 3 for 2 offers going on; those super organised people are tuned in to this and plan their shopping accordingly.

Social media is always a great opportunity to spread the word about your special offers or pre-Christmas sales. Keeping total control of your budget, you can do target advertising with Facebook, Twitter etc. which can have really positive results, whether you’re a high street retailer or online business.

If you bring in specific stock for Christmas that you don’t want to be carrying through to Easter, having a sale in the final few shopping days is a great way to clear your stocks – after all, there will always be plenty of last-minute shoppers around!

Christmas Content

Your website can do so much more for your business than give a festive home page window. Try adding some seasonal text to various pages, or write a series of blog posts that are Christmas themed. These could be on gift ideas (read our post from last year on how to put together a great gift guide here) decorating ideas, party food, coping with visitors etc. There’s plenty of material, just remember to angle some part of it to your brand and products. Sharing on social media will help spread the word further.

Giving back to the community

There are always those worse off than us, a fact highlighted during the Christmas season. Doing something for a local charity or organisation is not only a positive action, but will increase awareness of your brand. For example, if you are in the food industry, giving a festive hamper to be raffled at a local event will boost your brand and give something back to the community.

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