printed food bags
July 4, 2016

Feast on our fab printed food bag case studies

You’ve seen our fashion boutique case studies, but today we’re coming at you with the best of the bunch from a whole different industry (and one of our favourite to work with) – yes, you guessed it, FOOD.

We have the absolute pleasure of working with lots of food companies to help their brand make more of an impact, whether it’s through printed sandwich bags to give their customers a hygienic way to take away their food, flat handle paper bags to make food on the go even easier, or bespoke printed food wrap to add a little extra something to presentation in their restaurant.

Here’s some of our favourite ever food case studies to feast your eyes on!

Cinnamon Tree


A regular trader at the fantastic Borough Market in London, the Cinnamon Tree Bakery use only the very best ingredients to create super tasty and beautifully decorated biscuits and sweet treats.

To help bring a little sunshine to their customers’ day, we supplied 50,000 of these lovely sunny greaseproof sandwich bags in a size of 8.5″ x 8.5″ for their market stall. We used the colour Burgundy 195 on white greaseproof paper, and a flexographic printing process to bring their design to life.

The bags were turned around in just over 3 weeks and we’re delighted to say that the clients were delighted with them – tasty!

Brownie Bar

Printed flat handle paper takeaway bags BrownieBar_Sandwich

The Brownie Bar is a long term client of ours and one of our absolute favourites to work with – not to mention, their brownies and blondies are divine!

Based in Newcastle, these baking geniuses sell a range of incredible brownies in various flavours, bringing all things gooey to the people of the North East.

We provided 2 types of bags for the Brownie Bar, the first being greaseproof sandwich bags, in a quantity of 30,000 and size of 7″ x 7″, using 38 gsm paper. Using the colour Brown 476 in a flexographic printing process, these were delivered to the Brownie Bar in just 8 weeks.

We also supplied 10,000 flat handle bags, also using a flexographic print process, and in the size of 7″ x 10.75″ x 8.5″. These bags used two colours, with Orange 1495 as a highlight down the bag’s sides as well as the signature brown, and were also delivered in 8 weeks.

The Brownie Bar has been using us ever since for their printed bags for use in their store and at market stalls, and we’re pleased to say they were very happy with their order!

If you’re looking for the perfect printed bag for your food business, give us a call! Our lovely sales team are waiting to help – just get in touch on 0191 268 7555.