Eco Friendly Goody Bags on Seats
September 27, 2019

How to put together eco-friendly goody bags

How To Put Together Eco Friendly Goodie Bags

Whether you are sponsoring an industry conference or promoting your brand visibility with a prize giveaway, making your goodie bags eco-conscious can only enhance your businesses’ image. Set yourself apart and get ahead of the curve with your sustainable bags and our eco friendly goodie bag ideas:

Largely, the aim of the game for making up eco-friendly good bags is to make sure your visitors, guests, clients or the lucky winners won’t throw the items away as soon as they can! A study by event managers shows that the thing so commonly thrown away from goody or swag bags is printed merchandise and promotions. Many people just disregard them as ‘collateral’. It’s also not super-green (or cost-efficient) to print flyers and materials that do not gain you any ROI.

Event managers also point out that you should also consider the size and audience of your event before you start looking for eco friendly goodie bag ideas. For example, if the majority of your audience or clients are travelling via plane, it’s best to avoid liquid gifts over 100 millilitres. Bottles are a fantastic corporate gift, particularly when wrapped in printed bottle bags, but these are more suited to local travellers or for festive gifts!

Eco Friendly Goodie Bag Ideas:

  • Reusable Bottles – these are the perfect item for you to promote your brand and a sustainable message. Visitors to the event or your clients can then carry your merchandise around and continue to promote your business. You’re also helping to put a stop to single use plastics, which are so common in goodie and party bags! If you don’t want to print up a bottle, re-usable metal straws are a smaller alternative!
  • Food Based Items – So many corporate events require their audience to sit still and listen for a long time. Keep your attendees fuelled with snacks. To make your goodie bag even more eco-friendly, source products from no-plastic or sustainable brands.
  • Seasonal Items – A small Christmas decoration, Easter eggs or something similar are a fantastic way to provide a memento of your audience’s experience. It is something that can be brought out every year and re-spark the memory of your brand.
  • Tech – branded mobile chargers, headphones or USBs are low cost to buy in bulk, but also one of the most-used items at conferences, making them perfect the perfect eco friendly goodie bag idea. This will ensure your attendees are putting your products to good use.
  • Travel items – small travel pillows and ear buds are another great eco-friendly good bag idea.
  • Substitutes for the printed promotional items – With modern technology, it’s so easy to replace promotional print outs or information sheets. For example, festivals now develop apps for show times and maps of the event. Corporate events of any scale can adapt this premise to suit them; get your attendees or clients to sign up to a special mailing list when they check in, as this provides ample re-marketing opportunities and saves money!

Designs For Branded Goods & Printed Goodie Bags

There are so many different types of bags that can be used for a corporate goodie bag. To enhance the sustainable brand image, you could opt for printed cotton bags or printed jute bags. Alternatively, for a more gift-bag aesthetic, unlaminated paper bags are a fantastic option. These bags are also fully customisable, durable (which is ideal for re-use), and 100% recyclable when using cotton rope handles.

Event Managers identified that one of the things that put people off about goodie bags or swag bags was the over-branded items. This highlights how important it is to get your designs just right, to ensure they are subtle but also achieve your marketing goals. Get in touch with the expert team here at The Printed Bag Shop for more design advice or information about putting together your eco-friendly goody bags!