August 16, 2017

How to know when it’s time to rebrand

Is your company logo as familiar to you as a pair of comfy slippers? Perhaps you feel your logo and your brand are synonymous with who you are and the service you have provided for decades. The question is – how do you know when it’s time to refresh your brand?

The freshness and impact of a company logo and their branding that surrounds it is often defined by design elements that are the trend and the norm of the time. Have you come across logos, perhaps in italics or bubbly text that scream the 90s? Or something similar that is reminiscent of another era? Chances are you will by-pass them for a competitor that presents a fresh current look.

It’s not advisable to rush into rebranding just because it seems like a good idea or that you’ve had a couple of negative comments on your current logo style. Your branding and logo are the foundation for all your marketing avenues and strategies – changing your logo will affect everything else. It’s important to plan for a rebrand and launch when the time is right and everything is in place, right down to updating the branding on your printed bags and packaging.

We’ve put together 5 indicators for how to know when it’s time to refresh your brand.

Your business has grown – your brand evolved

No company is going to stay static for long – after all every CEO and MD wants their business to grow and develop. Branding and logos needs to change and evolve in line with your business, whilst keeping the core elements that define your brand. Your logo and your branding need to be unique to your business; be recognisable, express your personality and tell the story of your company.

Your logo is old and outdated

Of course it’s cause for celebration when your company reaches a 10 year or 20 year milestone. If your logo and branding still looks as it was on launch day, it’s going to look old. Design and technology are advancing at a speed most of us can’t hope to keep up with. Older logos are often complex and detailed; they may look good on letterheads or a sign above the door, but do not work so well in a digital format.

If you think your brand doesn’t look great on your website it’s time to consider refreshing your logo and branding. The simplicity of the modern designs we see today work well across every aspect of your branding.

Threat of the competition

We all need to keep an eye on the competition. If a new company sets up in your line of business with branding very similar to yours customers may become confused. This could be the time to refresh your brand. Differentiate yourself from the competition. Highlight your unique qualities. This will ensure you don’t disappear off the radar.

What about that competitor do you aspire to? Consider what makes them different; which aspects of their brand you are lacking? You can learn from what makes them successful and refresh your brand, putting you on course for pole position in the market.

Targeting a new demographic

The most effective brands are usually created with a specific target audience in mind. This is great until your company decided to target a very different audience. For example, a brand marketed at mothers with toddlers won’t connect with teenage boys. Your company is evolving, branching out in new areas and very different demographics. A clever rebranding can connect all areas of your business while still being appealing and recognisable to both your trusted client base and new target markets.

Poor design of the original brand

Perhaps your budget was restricted when you first set up business and designed your first logo. Or maybe you were unlucky enough to engage the services of a poor or inexperienced designer. We don’t like to take a negative stance, but these things happen. If you ended up with a poor logo design that you had to settle for back then, maybe now is the time to refresh your brand.

Whatever your reason for realising it’s time to refresh your brand, here’s some things to think about before you get started:-

  • Identify your goals and your audience. Do you want to keep some elements of your current design, or start again from scratch? Do you want to revitalise existing clients or attract a whole new audience?


  • Don’t skimp on the job – work with professional marketing people and talented designers. Rebrand everything at the same time, from letterheads to website, brochures to business cards, printed bags to packaging tapes. Doing half a job will have half the impact and send mixed messages to your customers.


  • Launch your new brand – build up to the unveiling of your new logo and branding. Prepare your customers with announcements in newsletters, social media etc. Then celebrate with a special promotion, goody bag give-a-way, or a sale. It will get people excited and talking, helping the transition.


If this has spurred you into action on refreshing your brand – we wish you the best of luck with it!

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