unprinted mailing bags
July 14, 2017

We Now Offer Plain Unprinted Mailing Bags!

Here at The Printed Bag Shop we’ve done our market research and listened to the enquiries that come in to us asking about plain mailing bags. Like all good businesses, we hate to turn away custom, and this is why we’re pleased to announce that we are now offering plain unbranded mailing bags at competitive pricing!

With the constant increase of online shopping, more companies than ever are branching out to sell online. If you’re one of these businesses dipping their toe into the e-commerce world you probably don’t want to invest in a pile of branded mailing bags just yet. After all it makes sense to see how it goes; to be sure this line of selling is right for your business.

At The Printed Bag Shop we’re here, ready to create amazing branded mailing bags when you want them, but in the meantime we can now offer you plain, unprinted mailing bags in a selection of sizes to carry you through that transition period.

Online shopping has opened up so much opportunity for artisan businesses. No longer do you talented people have to rely on local craft markets and word-of-mouth recommendations. Having your own e-commerce website means you can sell your unique products anywhere, from Australia to Weymouth and everywhere in between! Having branded mailing bags is your preferred option, we’re sure, however unprinted mailing bags are a good alternative whilst you build up your business.

We totally understand that for new, growing businesses it is not always financially viable to purchase branded mailing bags.

We now have four size options available in our plain/unbranded mailing bags:

  • 255 x 330 + 50mm
  • 305 x 405 + 50mm
  • 355 x 460 + 50mm
  • 460 x 533 + 50mm


Our plain mailing bags are of equal quality to the printed variety. Lightweight and durable they are perfect for withstanding the harsh mailing process packages often go through. Made from LDPE-Co-Ex 60 micron plastic film, our unbranded mailing bags are available in black or white in four of our most popular sizes, from small to extra-large. The can cost as little as 8p (ex vat) per bag, based on minimum order quantities as noted on our full price list.

Who benefits from plain/unbranded mailing bags?

  • If you’re an on-line retailer reluctant to pay for branded mailing bags, then our plain mailing bags are the option for you.
  • If you’re a small business with an equally small budget, our plain mailing bags will fit the bill.
  • If you’re a new business with every penny of your budget accounted for, our plain/unbranded mailing bags offer you the ideal packaging solution.
  • If you would prefer not to send out your products in branded packaging, perhaps they are sensitive or of high value, then our plain/unbranded mailing bags are perfect for you.


Like we’ve said many times, we love creating custom-made printed mailing bags for customers. We are also happy to help those who are looking for the plain mailing bag too. For more information, why not get in touch today?