How to plan an event - top tips
July 9, 2014

Our top tips to help you with planning an event

planning an event

Planning an event can seem like a bit of a behemoth task, but with the right organisation and support behind you, anyone from multinational companies to small SMEs can pull off an event to be proud of. Events can bring together a range of businesses and customers from an industry and sector to encourage growth, networking and a sense of community, and we have 3 top tips to help you to plan one:

  1. Assign the role of event coordinator

May seem like an obvious one, but one that can be easily forgotten and overlooked when everyone is working together to arrange one event. An event requires the efforts of more than one person, but there should be a project leader to oversee and coordinate all of the details in order for things to run smoothly and avoid missing something.

  1. Have a plan B

And no, we don’t mean the rapper. Treat your event like a project and carry out a risk assessment of what could possibly go wrong; could the guest speaker cancel? Will bad weather prevent people getting there? Is there enough room in the venue for everyone you’ve invited? By foreseeing problems you can figure out a way to tackle them, meaning you’re prepared if the worst should happen.

  1. Let people know

Don’t get so caught up in the planning and organising that you actually forget to let people know about the event! Incorporate marketing and advertising stages into your strategy, and use platforms like social media to build up a sense of excitement around your event; you could even ask someone attending to tweet live from the occasion itself! Not only does it raise awareness and credibility of your business, but it creates an online community for others to get involved too.

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