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Paper Sweet Bags

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What better way to hand your customers delicious confectionary than by using paper sweet bags for pick and mix and other products. These handy bags are available in different sizes and easily help your customers scoop and self-serve accordingly. Available in a range of bright colours including striped designs, they provide an eye-catching yet practical option that are recyclable too. Enquire today about our pick and mix bags and other printed paper bags we have available.

EXAMPLE PRICES: Printed Paper Sweet Bags

8.5” x 8.5” 36gsm White Kraft

Prices based on white bags printed 2 sides 1 colour.

Quantity Price
100,000 £ 12.25

*Prices per 1,000. Prices exclude printing plates and VAT. Delivery included.


  • Kraft Paper
  • Bleached Kraft Paper
  • Greaseproof/Scotchban Paper Available
  • 36gsm

Print Specification

  • Spot Colours
7” x 7”
7” x 9.5”
8.5” x 8.5”
10” x 10”
12” x 12”

Colourful & Practical Paper Sweet Bags

Perfect for carrying candy and confectionary, pick and mix bags are a classic design that are instantly recognisable. Candy stripes on paper sweet bags have been a design choice for decades, and we can help you ensure you have your confectionary product presented in the same way. Available in a range of sizes, you will be able to help your customers make small to large orders depending on how much of a sweet tooth they have. Not only are they great for many different types of sweets, from chocolate mice, and flying saucers to liquorice wheels, and gobstoppers, they are versatile to hold other types of snacks such as popcorn too.

Every bag is made to the highest quality ensuring they do not fail once the confectionary is placed inside. They also protect your sweets from dust, dirt, and the elements when your customers have purchased and want to eat during their onward journey. The paper bag design also is easy to wrap at the corners when keeping the sweets for later and storing them away. Super practical, versatile, and recyclable, paper sweet bags are the right choice for your product.

Custom Paper Sandwich Bags

Sustainable Designs for Your Pick and Mix Bags

Here at The Printed Bag Shop, we can help your confectionary business make a sustainable choice for its pick and mix bags. You should be ensuring your bags are as sustainable as possible, helping your customers make an eco-conscious choice when shopping with your brand. We clearly mark the products that are 100% recyclable so that you can know the paper sweet bags you choose are simple to dispose of with minimal impact on the environment. Paper bags are a better choice than traditional plastic designs and help your customers have peace of mind they can responsibly dispose of the pick and mix bags after use.

If your business sells other types of products, you’ll be pleased to know we have multiple different types of bags available. Be sure to browse our flat-handled takeaway bags as well as luxury kraft paper bags for premium brands and products. We also have a great range of other materials including printed fabric bags too.

To place an order for paper sweet bags, choose the design you prefer and enquire today. If you have any questions, please contact us for more information.

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 Pick and Mix Bags FAQs

What are pick and mix bags made from?

There are many designs for sweet bags you’ll find online, but with our paper sweet bags, you can choose a cheaper, more sustainable option that is a classic for confectionery. Paper bags are a biodegradable alternative to single-use plastics and use strong white or brown paper.

Can I have my branding on paper sweet bags?

Our range of paper sweet bags are just like the traditional designs you’ll find in a local sweet shop, the biggest difference being, you can choose to have your branding on the side. We are specialists at creating printed bags that will match your brand and messaging, If you prefer to keep your bags plain, by all means you can, but if you want something unique to your brand there’s nothing better than adding your logo, slogan, and brand messaging. Speak to us today about having your pick and mix bags perfectly branded to your specifications.

What is the minimum order I can place?

We can help you place a range of different order numbers for your paper sweet bags but buying in bulk is generally better value for money. If you have a specific requirement, please let us know when ordering. We can accept some small order sizes, but we do have a minimum limit depending on the type of bag, design and materials chosen. This can range from 250 to 500 bags in some cases. When enquiring, please let us know the number of bags you need, and we’ll inform you as soon as possible if we can fulfil the order.

To find out more about what our paper sweet bags can do for your business, get in touch with our sales team.

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