Printed Canvas Bags


Printed canvas bags at The Printed Bag Shop are sourced from the same suppliers as our cotton and jute bags. They are eco-friendly, tough, durable and long-lasting — all features that we specialise in.

Standard Delivery 10 Days


Fast Track Delivery – 48 Hrs
Minimum Order Amount
Standard Delivery 10 Days


Fast Track Delivery – 48 Hrs
Minimum Order Amount


Printed Canvas Bags


38cm x 42cm + 10cm 8oz natural canvas

Prices based on natural canvas printed 1 sides 1 colour











*Prices per bag, and excluding VAT. Free setup and delivery.








100% Natural Canvas



Print Specification

Spot Colours

Full Colour Transfer

Stock size

38cm x 42cm x 10cm


Custom size

Any Size made to order

Canvas bags are quickly becoming a popular fashion item, and can be found everywhere from department stores to museums. These eco-friendly, long-lasting bags are highly in demand by our clients around the UK, due to their durable, reusable qualities, and they are suited to a range of purposes.


Here at The Printed Bag Shop, our expert design team can help you to design the printed canvas bags to suit your business needs, whether you’re looking to use them as a replacement for the taxable plastic bags, or you’re looking for something a little different for your event. Available in made-to-order sizes, and in a range of colours, we can design custom canvas bags suited to you.


We can print from one spot colour, to a full colour transfer with these eco-friendly canvas bags, meaning you can have almost any design that you can imagine transferred by water-based ink onto these exceptional printed canvas bags.


If you’re looking for a design that will turn the heads of your customers, and everybody that they pass in the street, then our expert design team can help you every step of the way. These super strong canvas bags are designed with long handles suitable for carrying over the shoulder, providing you with a truly bespoke shopping bag option.

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Reusable Custom Canvas Bags

Our printed canvas bags are all ethically sourced from natural cotton and jute. The eco-friendly bags are reusable and highly durable, so your customers can enjoy your branded, printed canvas bags for years to come.

Throughout the design process, you can choose from 6 base colours for your printed canvas bags. Alternatively, the natural colour is extremely recognizable and even fashionable as a badge of eco-conscious honour. Whatever colour you choose, printed canvas bags can always be tailored to suit your business and your message.

Our custom canvas bags can be used as a trendy accessory, as well as a reusable shopping bag, making them an ideal addition to your business marketing campaign. With people becoming more environmentally conscious as the years go on, our eco-friendly printed canvas bags are perfect for use as a reusable alternative to disposable plastic bags. Putting your brand message on a canvas bag gives you a long-lasting promotional presence, for many years to come.

Lightweight, foldable and reusable, there is no better choice for your business than our bespoke canvas bags. Our printed canvas bags are high quality, made from 100% natural canvas that is totally biodegradable and even more durable than our fantastic cotton bags. They can also be washed and dried easily for improve longevity.

Canvas material is optimal for printing; this means your message or detailed design will look sharp, detailed and a quality representation of your business. Our design team will work with you throughout the process to ensure we are delivering the best printed canvas bags to meet your business models.
Canvas bags promote a healthy, sustainable image for your business. As a more luxurious packaging item, they also ensure your esteemed customers get value for money. Futureproof your business with the Printed Bag Shop’s bespoke canvas bags.

Printed Canvas Bag Details

The Printed Bag Shop are the UK’s premier supplier of printed bags. You are in safe hands when it comes to designing your bespoke canvas bags. With cost-effective printing, and environmentally friendly materials, printed canvas bags are the next evolution in shopping bags. Get your business ahead of the curve by ordering your canvas bags now.

When you design and purchase printed canvas bags from The Printed Bag Shop, you will receive a quality service and fast-turnaround times, every time. We ship 100,000 bags from India at a time in order to reduce our carbon footprint, meaning our standard delivery time is only 10 days. With a minimum order amount of 250 bags, make sure that you order your reusable custom canvas bags today.

To find out more about what our printed canvas bags can do for your business, get in touch with our help desk on 0191 268 7555 or via our contact form.