Printed Duffle Bags


Our attractive nylon duffle bags have hundreds of uses, from school bags to festival giveaways. It’s The Printed Bag Shop’s guarantee that they’re tough enough to cope with being reused again and again.


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Standard Delivery 10 Days


Fast Track 48 Hours
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Printed Duffle Bags


330mm x 435mm

Prices are based on stock coloured bags printed 1 side 1 colour











*Prices per bag. Prices include setup and delivery, but exclude VAT.

printed duffel bags

printed drawstring bags

printed duffel bags

Up to 8 screen colours

Heat transfer for full colour CMYK artwork

330cm (h) x 435cm (w)

With handles made from thick string attached by metal eyelets, our printed duffle bags are tough and durable enough to be reused so many times – for carrying camping equipment, for days out, for shopping and so much more. Don’t forget, every time they’re reused, your printed logo or advertising will be seen again and again, which can really increase your brand’s exposure!


Our nylon printed duffle bags come in a wide range of colours and can be printed with up to 8 screen colours or with heat transfer for full CMYK artwork.


Check out the designs we’ve already made or get in touch for more information or a quote for your own printed duffle bags!

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Printed Duffle Bags For Your Brand


Maximise your brand exposure with our deluxe printed duffle bags! Made from premium materials and designed with care and attention, duffle bags from The Printed Bag Shop are a fantastic solution for your packaging or branded bag requirements!


Printed duffle bags are suitable for every brand type. Providing your customers with a printed duffle bag as standard promotes a high-quality, caring and positive brand image to your customers! You can see from our gallery that they are perfect for media companies hosting giveaways, holiday companies with information packets or bands selling them as merchandise to promote their name!


Printed duffle bags are more than just a carrier bag or something functional you need to provide your customers with! They have hundreds of uses and provide brands with so many options- they are great for schools to use as sports bags, for brands to giveaway at festivals and popups and other outdoor events, conferences, trade shows and so much more!


Here at The Printed Bag Shop, we use heat transfer to customise your printed duffle bag. This means you can splash your emblem, logo, catchphrase or some information across the bag. We use heat transfers because of the material of the duffle bag we supply. This method of image transfer will produce high quality and accurate results to ensure these products represent your brand well!


All our printed duffle bags are fully customisable. You can pick the colour of your drawstring to compliment the rest of your design and coordinate with your image. Printed duffle bags are available in 8 vibrant colours!


The material for our printed duffle bags were carefully selected to ensure they are durable, useful products, making them perfect for customers to re-use and continue to promote your brand. If they are used as a giveaway item, they can help customers and potential customers remember your brand and come back to your services! Printed duffle bags are particularly useful and re-useable as they are easy to fold up and keep handy, like all other printed fabric bags.


Printed duffle bags are perfect for business that sell heavier or bulkier goods. You’ll be able to provide your customers with a reliable way to transport their new purchases home and show them how much you care!


Details Of Our Duffle Bags


Duffle bags are made of nylon and an extremely cost-effective option for your branded bags when you consider the potential return on investment and the opportunity to capture new customers.


Our printed duffle bags are 330mm x 435mm and available for mass orders.


For more information about our printed duffle bag or design advice or services, get in touch with The Printed Bag Shop, today!

To find out more about what our printed duffle bags can do for your business, get in touch with our help desk on 0191 268 7555 or via our contact form.