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Printed Flat Bags

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Standard Delivery 18-20 Weeks
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Minimum Order Amount: 100,000
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5 Sizes

The Printed Bag Shop’s strong, hygienic and attractive printed flat bags are perfect for helping takeaways, delicatessens and sandwich shops to package their products – and promote their business!


  • Kraft Paper
  • Bleached Kraft Paper
  • Greaseproof/Scotchban Paper Available – 25k minimum
  • 36gsm
  • 50gsm
  • 60gsm

Print Specification

  • Spot Colours
  • 4 Colour Process (Minimum 100,000 bags)
  • 100% ink Coverage (Minimum 25,000 bags)
7” x 7” (Minimum 25,000)
7” x 9.5” (Minimum 25,000)
8.5” x 8.5” (Minimum 10,000)
10” x 10” (Minimum 10,000)
12” x 12” (Minimum 10,000)

Benefits Of Printed Flat Paper Bags

Our printed flat paper bags are the perfect way for companies working in the food industry to safely serve takeaway products, whilst promoting their brand. The light-weight, yet sturdy bags are available in a range of sizes, so you can put your bespoke design on a bag that will help you to seamlessly increase brand awareness. Tailor your design to stay in line with your branding and maintain consistency for a strong and powerful message. Whether your business is established or new, we can help you to design your printed flat paper bags to add a personal touch from your business that will help to engage your audience and to ensure customers remember your brand.

A strong design is important for printed flat paper bags, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it needs to feel the entire side of the bag. Once your customer has finished with the product inside the bag, they will be able to associate the delicious flavour with your logo. What’s more, you can add interactive elements to your bags to get ahead of competitors by having social icons that customers can follow and then see your regular posts.

Available to print in spot colours on brown or bleached white kraft paper, this gives you a blank canvas to print your design on. At The Printed Bag Shop, our entire range of printed bags, including jute bags, printed cotton bags and kraft bags are made from premium materials making us a leading supplier in the industry. Our experienced team will work with our customers to ensure that the final design is perfect and ticks all the boxes.

Printed Flat Paper Bags

What Makes Our Printed Flat Paper Bags Different?

With our competitive prices, you can buy in bulk to ensure that you never have to serve your products in plain flat paper bags again. What’s more, you can alter the design on your printed flat paper bags to stay in line with new trends and your seasonal marketing campaigns; these unique and limited designs are a sure way to engage customers.

With our printed flat paper bags, you can stand out from your competitors and make a statement. Additionally, with our bags being made from recycled and biodegradable materials, not only can you be sure that you are having a minimal effect on the environment but they will showcase your brand in a positive light too.

With our help, you can create an attractive brand design for your printed flat paper bags that will help to maximise your customer base and become renowned locally and eventually nationwide. If you would like more information about our printed flat paper bags or to place an order, contact our team, today.


To find out more about what our printed flat bags can do for your business, get in touch with our sales team.

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