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Printed Greaseproof Paper

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Standard Delivery From 3-4 Weeks
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Minimum Order Amount: 500 Sheets
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Fast Track Delivery From 2 Weeks

Made in Britain, printed greaseproof paper is natural and completely biodegradable. Perfect for businesses working in all areas of the food industry and available for delivery in just 2 weeks. Order custom designed greaseproof paper, now!

Example Prices: Printed Greaseproof Paper

500 x 335mm 40gsm White Greaseproof Paper

Prices based on white greaseproof paper, printed 1 colour random print

Quantity Price
1000 £ 308.48
2000 £ 373.74
3000 £ 438.98
5000 £ 486.46

*Prices shown are per quantity. Prices include setup and delivery to 1 mainland UK address.


  • Thickness of 40gsm
  • Food safe
  • Can be cut to any size


Print Specification

  • Up to 4 spot colours
  • Or print full CMYK
500 x 335mm (can be cut smaller)

Printed Greaseproof Paper Sheets

Printed greaseproof sheets are an ideal solution for so many different businesses, wherever they sit in the food industry. Whether you are an indie food truck serving ethnic cuisine, a small family friendly burger restaurant or a chain of cool cafes, these versatile food wraps and sheets will come in handy for you. Printed greaseproof paper is even commonly used in high-end restaurants to line dishes to add an interest to the aesthetic of the meal – they’re also the perfect advertising opportunity.

Printed greaseproof paper sheets can be adapted and customised to suit your brand image. Suitable for CMYK full colour printing or up to 4 spot colours, these products are perfect to use in conjunction with printed flat handle bags or printed sandwich bags. Here at The Printed Bag Shop, our expert designers can help you create packaging that shows off your brand’s personality and incorporate it into a cohesive printed packaging strategy.

Wrapping to-go meals and yummy treats in printed greaseproof paper helps to maximise your brand visibility and ensure the food you serve stays high-quality and absolutely delicious until it reaches its destination. The extra layer of wrap helps to retain the heat in all food, without compromising on taste!

printed wraps

Custom Greaseproof Paper: More Information

Printed greaseproof paper is always high quality, and available with a minimum order of just 500 sheets, it’s perfect for even the smallest start up eatery. All our printed greaseproof sheets are printed here in the UK. This means delivery is super quick and you can have customised food wrap or tray linings for your next event or in time to promote your next seasonal offer or celebration.

All our printed packaging is just another layer to achieving your promotional goals, and printed greaseproof paper sheets are no different. They are versatile and cost-effective way to add value to your products. As standard, each sheet is 500mm X 335mm, but this is super easy to cut and adapt to meet your needs! There are no coatings or lacquers on our printed greaseproof paper sheets, which means they will not impact or change the taste of your food. They are suitable to use for hot and cold foods, including burgers, deli sandwiches, wraps, cakes, bakes and so much more!



We love that they give off an authentic and retro appearance which is an upcoming style trend. You can make your coffee shop, café or retro burger joint the next hot spot and to help push your business even further with just printed greaseproof paper. What’s even better, all our sheets are completely eco friendly and biodegradable, so they won’t interfere with your sustainable mission or conscious brand-image. Check out more of our conscious packaging options, such luxury kraft bags for your premium bakery, or get in touch with questions about your order, now! Don’t miss out on styling up your delicious delights!


To find out more about what our printed greaseproof paper can do for your business, get in touch with our sales team.

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