Printed Kraft Bags

Printed Kraft Bags


Bespoke printed kraft bags are becoming an increasingly popular choice across the high street and more, and considering how durable, stylish and customisable they are, it’s easy to see why!

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The introduction of the plastic bag charge has seen printed paper bags have a huge rise in popularity, and printed kraft bags are no exception – their strength and versatility makes them an absolute hit, and a TPBS bestseller!


The word ‘kraft’ actually comes from the German term for strong – and that’s one of the best parts about using kraft paper. It’s super durable, more so than normal paper, and kraft bags can be suitable for so many different kinds of businesses.


Natural kraft paper is brown, giving a real authentic feel, but it is possible to bleach the paper to get a range of shades from natural brown to pure white.


We have two types of printed kraft bags for you to try; twisted handle paper bags and flat handle paper bags.


Increasingly becoming a high street staple, twisted handle paper bags are not just great quality, but so versatile too. They’re strong, resuable and recyclable, and come with a low carbon footprint. And, whatever your industry or brand, our twisted handle bags can work for you, because they can be printed with anything through from one spot colour through to full CMYK, photographic imagery.

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