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Printed Paper Counter Bags

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UK Standard Delivery
18-20 Weeks
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Minimum Order Amount: 100,000
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5 Sizes

Printed counter bags are a thin, lightweight and an attractive way to pass goods on to a customer, at an affordable price that suits you! Promote your business with fully customisable counter bags, made from eco-friendly material. Order in up to 5 sizes, today!


  • Kraft Paper
  • Bleached Kraft Paper
  • Greaseproof/Scotchban Paper Available – 25k minimum
  • 36gsm
  • 50gsm
  • 60gsm

Print Specification

  • Spot Colours
  • 4 Colour Process (Minimum 100,000 bags)
  • 100% ink Coverage (Minimum 25,000 bags)
7” x 7” (Minimum 25,000)
7” x 9.5” (Minimum 25,000)
8.5” x 8.5” (Minimum 10,000)
10” x 10” (Minimum 10,000)
12” x 12” (Minimum 10,000)

Printed Paper Counter Bags

Printed counter bags have been helping takeaways, delis, bakeries, gift shops and card retailers show their customers how much they care for years! Here at The Printed Bag Shop we know how much an effective design on printed packaging can achieve for your business. Printed counter bags are a great way to capture that marketing opportunity and boost brand visibility and recognition, without too much of an upfront cost to the business. They are cost-effective and can still be customised to suit a house style and showcase a promotion or message.

Brands can choose how they want their printed paper counter bags to look. Made from Kraft paper, bleached kraft paper, or greaseproof paper they also have the option of showing off an ethical and environmentally responsible image for a business, too. Customisation options include 100% ink coverage and spot colours. This means you can feature a bold, contrasting font that boasts your business’ message and catches the eyes of consumers.

Printed Paper Sandwich Bags Design Layout

Order Printed Counter Bags Today

Printed counter bags aren’t just for takeaways, food shops or to be used as sandwich bags. They are also suitable for gift shops to wrap up delicate merchandise and retailers looking to keep their goods separate inside a larger printed paper bag! They can be used for SMEs looking to boost visibility and multi nationals looking to make sustainable changes to their marketing channels.

The reason counter bags are so popular is partly because they’re such good value, and also because they are so hygienic. The printing and customisation options will not affect the taste of delicious treats if you choose to incorporate these into your business in any area of the food and service industry. Printed counter paper bags are a preferred alternative to flimsy plastic bags used to package up baked goods and sandwiches, all whilst building your brand’s aesthetic.


Another benefit of choosing to use printed counter bags is that they do not take up any room in storage. This is perfect for independent bakeries and small gift shops working out of a limited space and looking to maximise every inch of retail area for customers. Businesses can choose printed paper counter bags in up to 5 standard sizes.

Customers trust The Printed Bag Shop because of our years in the industry. We have over a decade of experience delivering high-quality goods to ensure that you can do the same for your customers. Businesses can choose to have our designers create a design that is cohesive and truly represents your business. For more information about printed counter bags or any other products we provide, get in touch with the friendly team here, we’ll be happy to help!


To find out more about what our printed counter bags can do for your business, get in touch with our sales team.

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