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Printed Paper Mailing Bags

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Lead Time
8 – 10 weeks
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Minimum Order
Amount: 25,000
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5 Standard

Paper mailing bags are the eco conscious way to package and send products to your customers. Available in 5 standard sizes, our printed paper mailing bags are customisable and can be branded to suit your business. Browse now!

EXAMPLE PRICES: Printed Paper Mailing Bags

350 x 430 x 60 +50mm 90gsm White Kraft

Prices based on white bags printed 2 sides 1 colour.

Quantity Price
10,000 £160.13
15,000 £153.48
25,000 £145.50
50,000 £131.75

*Prices per 1,000. Prices exclude printing plates and VAT. Delivery included.

  • Can be printed up to 4 spot colours
  • Can be printed full coverage with 10mm border.
  • White and brown Kraft
  • 100% degradable and 100% recyclable.
5 Standard Sizes
210 x 230 + 60 + 50mm – 90 gsm
250 x 345 + 60 + 50mm – 90 gsm
350 x 430 + 60 + 50mm – 90 gsm
400 x 430 + 60 + 50mm – 90 gsm
600 x 450 + 60 + 50mm – 120 gsm

Printed Paper Mailing Bag

Paper mailing bags are a fantastic, conscious alternative to other printed packaging and mailing bags. It’s so important to be adaptive and agile in business, whether you are looking to take the plunge and launch your gift store, clothing brand or shop online or you are just making responsible moves towards being a more sustainable business, our printed paper mailing bags could be the perfect solution for you.

All packaging from printed paper bags to printed totes should be considered as marketing materials. Ensuring you send your goods off to customers in branded packaging can help to boost your business’ visibility. Effective, eye catching designs and bold brand messages are some of the best ways to get your business noticed.

Paper mailing bags are available with full customisation. Our design team will work to understand what you want to achieve with your marketing campaign and your printed paper mailing bags. You can opt for full colour coverage for bright and bold design or choose to keep things more subtle and allow the background colours to do the work for you, with simple spot colour printing, available in up to 4 colours. Paper mailing bags are available in white and brown Kraft paper. The natural brown is a great option for handmade goods or artisan brands that want to emphasise their eco-friendly business model or grassroots USPs.

Printed Paper Mailing Bags Design Layout

More About Our Paper Mailing Bags

Printed paper mailing bags should be just as much about design and practicality as well as their green, eco-friendly aspects. These mailing bags are 100% biodegradable and your customers or end-users will be pleased to know that they are also 100% recyclable. As consumers become more and more conscious of how their shopping behaviours impact on the environment, it could become increasingly valuable to make the switch to printed paper mailing bags and recyclable materials. This will ensure you are appealing to eco-conscious shoppers and accessible to more than just the customers in your geographical location as you can send your products anywhere.

Paper mailing bags are made from durable materials to ensure your goods are kept safe during transit. Our premium products help promote a reliable brand image for your business and are sure to uphold the high-quality reputation everyone is trying to establish with their customers. If you are looking to add a little extra protection or to extend the unboxing experience for your customers, check out some of our other products to work cohesively with your printed mailing products!

Our printed paper mailing bags are available in just 8 – 10 weeks, in a variety of sizes, perfect for e-commerce websites selling a whole range of goods. Paper mailing bags are subject to a minimum order of 10,000 units. Send your products in style and get in touch with our team to discuss your options and place an order, today!


To find out more about what our paper printed mailing bags can do for your business, get in touch with our sales team.

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