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Printed Postal Boxes

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Lead Time: 3-4 weeks
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Minimum Quantity: 250 Boxes As Standard / 1500 For Custom Boxes
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No fast track

EXAMPLE PRICES: Standard Printed Postal Box

26.5 x 19.5 x 6cm
White 340gsm 3 Layer Board printed 1 colour (black) to full colour*


*Premium printed postal boxes in full colour quoted separately. Please get in touch to find out more.

Quantity Price
250 £1.61
500 £1.11
1000 £0.96
2500 £0.92

*Prices exclude printing plates, delivery and VAT

Print Spec:

1 colour (Black only) to the outer of the box (this does include the inner sides of the box when constructed as they are on the outside of the box when laid flat during printing)


Available in white or brown kraft

Printing Process:

Digital on small quantities / Flexographic on quantities of 1500+


Corrugated Cardboard

Board weight/thickness: 340 g/m2, 1.5mm thick

Custom print spec and extras available in quantities of 1500 or more

Custom sizes available in quantities of 1500 or more

(Width x Length x Height)
23 – 9.2 x 9.2 x 5mm
45 – 23.1 x 14 x 8mm
52 – 26.5 x 19.5 x 6mm
62 – 30.2 x 23.3 x 8.8mm
93 – 44 x 33.9 x 15.9mm

Coloured Postal Boxes For Your Business

Printed mailer boxes are fully customisable and can be utilised by so many industries. Your unique designs allow traditional businesses to convert into successful online retailers or businesses, without a huge upfront cost. Here at The Printed Bag Shop, we love helping to support new business ventures and SMEs. Our printed mailer boxes are all completely customisable, perfect for helping you to promote a reliable and high-quality brand image to new customers.

Coloured postal packaging boxes are also a fantastic piece of marketing material to help promote your brand. Ideal for so many industries, including eco-friendly or sustainable brands looking for recyclable printed mailer boxes. These boxes are made from 90% recycled materials and your consumers can fully recycle them again, too.

With so many businesses opting to go online, it’s imperative to ensure your printed packaging boxes accurately represent your brand, especially if they are the first impression you are able to give to your customers about the standard of your goods. All our items, from printed paper bags to printed cotton bags and our whole range of printed boxes are made from premium materials with both your business and your customers in mind. We select materials that are most suitable for the required method of printing, but our printed packaging boxes are also made from sturdy material to protect your goods whilst ensuring they are light weight to keep the cost of postage down. This means you don’t have to pass on extra costs to your customers.

Premium Postal Packaging Boxes

All coloured postal boxes and standard printed mailer boxes are available in a range of sizes, perfect for brands that sell a variety of products whilst ensuring continuity. These boxes are available in either a one colour or full colour print, or more premium options, so they be fully customised and tailored to your brand’s message and needs. We are able to make custom sized coloured postal boxes for niche goods and industries, subject to a minimum order. Full colour postal packaging boxes are a premium design, ideal for elevating the appearance of your business and appealing to up-market customers, but we can achieve fantastic, simplistic designs with our standard mailing boxes, too.

High-quality, premium printed postal boxes are available in a 6 standard sizes. These provide your brand with the most options to send your products in style and sophistication. Browse our gallery or order more, today. These postal packaging boxes are the most up-market and deluxe way to deliver goods to your customers. They’re perfect for home items as well as fashion brands, and premium gifts or boutique goods. To enhance your brand visibility as well as customer satisfaction, you might also want to check out printed tissue paper or other printed packaging items that coordinate and amplify your brands name. These boxes are also made from a minimum of 90% recycled material and are suitable for eco-friendly and conscious brands without compromising on quality and style


Customise Your Printed Mailer Boxes

Our design team will work with you to ensure we create and print mailer boxes that you are proud of. Ideal for seasonal promotions, limited edition products and so much more. For the standard-style printed mailer boxes, we print directly onto the material to show some texture. Premium postal packaging boxes are available with matte foil or glossy foil designs, for high-impact, high-shine printed packaging.

For goods that need a little more robust protection during transit, we recommend checking out printed tissue paper or printed mailing bags. These items help to extend the unboxing experience as well as being extremely utilitarian.

Printed packaging boxes are fantastic for SMEs, indie businesses as well as large conglomerates, working in almost any industry. As they are extremely cost effective and our lead times are extremely competitive, they are also a great option for your subscription business. The designs for printed mailer boxes are available in white or brown Kraft paper. They are also an extremely cost-effective way to package your goods. Typically, our lead times for printed boxes are between 3 – 4 weeks, allowing you to stay flexible.

For more information about coloured postal boxes or to discuss your design ideas, get in touch with the team here at The Printed Bag Shop, today!


To find out more about what our standard printed postal box can do for your business, get in touch with our sales team.

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