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August 14, 2014

Product Profile: Cotton & Canvas Bags

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Fabric bags are growing in popularity as a more durable and reusable alternative to plastic carriers, and our cotton and canvas bags are two of our most versatile products here at The Printed Bag Shop. Here’s the stuff you need to know about them:

Cotton and canvas bags are becoming increasingly lucrative to a number of sectors, including retail, due to the fact they don’t come with the charges and taxes being introduced to plastic bags by governments across the UK and the rest of the world. Both 100% natural and unbleached, they are certainly an eco-friendly choice as well as being tough, durable and long lasting.

Our cotton bags are available in plain cotton, or a wide range of colours, meaning they are suitable for any brand or logo. Made from premium 5oz cotton and in either a standard or gusseted shopper style, you can provide these screenprinted bags to your customers, safe in the knowledge that they are of the highest quality and designed to last.

Similar to cotton bags, our canvas bags are the ideal mix of eco-friendly, as well as practical and reliable. Available in a standard size, or a custom size for larger orders, these bags can also be supplied to directly match your company colours or branding.

The biggest benefit of cotton and canvas bags? Their reusability.

Whether it’s to carry their fruit and veg home from the supermarket, transport their books to school or college, keep their valuables in on holiday or use as a substitute for plastic bags during a hard day of retail therapy, your customers are helping to raise brand awareness for you as well as receiving a practical and stylish bag!

We hope you love cotton and canvas bags as much as we do! Get in touch to experience our outstanding customer service and discuss your requirements on 0191 268 7555 or email sales@theprintedbagshop to find out more.

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