Brand Promotion
September 13, 2018

How to promote your brand using printed bags

If you’re not using printed bags as part of your packaging and, more importantly your marketing strategy, you really are missing out on the massive impact that the right printed bags can have.


Why do printed bags matter?


Businesses are built on reputation: people buy from brands they recognize and trust. Whether they are turning to more affordable options in a bid to stretch finances, or treating themselves to a one-off expensive item like perfume or branded clothing, the bag they carry their purchases away in matters to them.

Even the most ‘affordable’ item can appeal to people as ‘value for money’ rather than ‘cheap’ with the right branded bag. You only need to look to the well-known value brand Primark with their London-esque paper bags aimed to make the purchasing experience feel more special. It’s amazing what a simple change in material can do!

As for the bigger, more luxurious brands – take Tiffany’s for example – the packaging is very much part of the experience, whether it’s a gift you receive or a treat you buy. The bag speaks quality before you even get to the box and this works for both buyers and onlookers.


The first step is to choose a bag type that suits your business.


Laminated paper bags are the ideal choice for luxury items. Available in a selection of sizes and handle finishes they are perfect for up-market boutiques, jewellery, high-end retail or prestigious exhibitions and conferences.

Flat handle paper bags are an economical bag to buy, yet with the right design they can make even the cheapest items look like a good-value choice. Often displayed and thought of as takeaway bags, they are much more versatile and ideal for lightweight items like fashion accessories or pharmacy products. They can also make the perfect goody bag for an exhibition or trade show.

Jute bags are the ultimate bag for life, used again and again to carry the weekly shop by thousands across the UK. When not being used for shopping, these heavy duty printed bags can be used for numerous tasks like carrying garden tools, school books or beach gear.

Our printed cotton bags are one of our top sellers and you can see why. A stylish tote bag is quite the fashion accessory these days. Get your branding right and you can be sure your bags will be out and about across town every day, along with your branding. These bags are ideal for fashion and beauty shops, gift shops and museums. They are especially suited to businesses who promote their efforts to help the environment and reduce their carbon footprint, as all our cotton bags are ethically sourced.

With the choice of bags here at The Printed Bag shops, you are certain to find a style to suit your business, and we have a friendly sales team who will be happy to help if you’re still unsure.


Your branding and your message


It’s important that your branding is consistent wherever it appears; your website, shop front, social media and printed bags. It is this recognition of your brand that builds reputation and trust. You might have a great fun idea for your printed bags as part of a summer promotion – great – but if your brand isn’t easily recognised, your summer sizzler of a campaign could lead to nothing when the autumn chill sets in.

You can still have an amazing seasonal promotion on your printed bags, just be careful to include aspects of your branding that you know people recognise. You can have a creative design that sparks the curious in people, encouraging them to stare a little bit longer… subtly add to this your brand name or logo and you’ll have a bag that gets people talking!

If colour is a big part of your branding recognition like Cadbury or Coca Cola, this colour can be the staple of your printed bags, with different messages to appeal to the different customer types.

Again, talk to the talented design team here at The Printed Bag Shop for help with design ideas that truly reflect your company and your brand.


Create a brand that lasts


Designing a brand that is easy to adapt with time and trends without losing the recognisable key feature is the answer to building a brand to last. Once you know you have a strong brand use it to promote your business everywhere, on social media, your website and of course your printed bags.

The fact that your brand is strong means you will hold on to those recognisable features whatever new messages you decide to put out there on your printed bags. Be it seasonal, an anniversary year, or a charity event, your name will be on the lips of those who carry your printed bags and those who see them!


At the Printed Bag Shop, we have been helping clients large and small to make decisions on which bag and which design for over 10 years.

If you’d like to talk through your brand and what printed bag will match your reputation, why not get in touch today?