sandwich bags
May 14, 2018

Some unexpected uses for printed sandwich bags


The humble sandwich is a great British institution. While sandwiches have got much more exciting than ham and cheese (though that’s still a tasty combination), they are still the best loved convenience lunch – so much so that there is an amazing event filled with gastronomic delights to honour them; British Sandwich Week!

The sandwich is Britain’s ultimate food-to-go; we buy over 3.5 billion sandwiches a year. It’s come a long way since John Montegu, the 4th Earl of Sandwich ordered cold beef between slices of toast to avoid getting up from his card game. Since then his name has become synonymous with this appetising meal. Watch out for the many ways of celebrating this tasty snack as sandwich manufacturers and retailers offer special promotions and new sandwich ideas during the week.

As you probably know, The Printed Bag Shop produce printed paper sandwich bags; the perfect option for handing over delicious lunchtime sandwiches. But these handy paper bags can be used for much more than just food, and for many more kinds of businesses too.

These printed paper bags come in a selection of sizes, from 7”x7” to 12”x12”, making them the ideal packaging solution for many businesses who sell smaller items. Made from Kraft paper and printable in spot colours, 4 colour processes or 100% ink coverage, the options are endless for creating the design to best promote your business.

Jewellery Stores

Small printed flat bags with a luxury design and logo make a low-cost packaging option for jewellery items, whether you are a high street jeweller or offer bespoke hand-crafted jewellery. These bags are the perfect size for necklaces, bracelets or rings – and why not invest in some of our printed tape too, ideal for sealing the bags once folded?

Stationery Stores

Our sandwich bags also make a great option for purchases of small stationary items. If you’re in the stationary retail business and use plain paper bags for this purpose, you are missing out on promoting your brand. If you are dropping small items like pens and pencils into a larger printed bag than you need, then you may be eating into your profit.

Getting some smaller bags like our sandwich bags to give away with your smaller items could prove to be more economical, as well as a fab way to promote your brand.

Gift Shops

Printed flat bags are ideal for gift shops, especially those who sell lots of small products. And, design your bags nicely enough, and the gifts and souvenirs within them are more likely to be passed on to the recipient in them too – making more people along the way aware of your store.

DIY Stores

DIY and hardware stores are another area where printed flat bags are useful. If you’re in this business you know only too well how many small bits and pieces you sell. Putting these into printed paper bags for your customers will prevent them dropping or losing that one precious washer or screw they need, while promoting your store. Using a talented designer (we have a few here at The Printed Bag Shop) to make your bags eye-catching and memorable will help your business to resonate with the DIY enthusiast when they move on to their next project.

Hand out printed sandwich bags to bring you more business

A sandwich bag printed with eye-catching branding is sure to attract attention, bringing you more business.

Sandwiches are often eaten on-the-go; in the park, on a bus, walking down the high street, or in the office canteen; not selling your sandwiches in printed sandwich bags is a massive lost advertising opportunity.

Of course, you don’t have to be the sandwich seller to cash in on this advertising tool. Companies like taxi firms, tradesmen and service providers often invest in bulk buys of printed sandwich bags and then distribute them to sandwich shops in the areas they want to target business. A great way to raise awareness of your company – don’t you agree?

If you have a local business this is something to consider; the benefits can be huge. For maximum effect make sure you think out your message and use a professional designer to create a stunning graphic that will make your business instantly recognisable. When a sandwich shop is using plain paper bags currently, why would they not use your bags? After all, it will be a big cost saving for them, and they will likely be grateful at the offer for you to provide their packaging for them!

Another option when using this cheap advertising tool is to work in partnership with another local company. It may be a company that compliments your business, or something completely different. You each have a full side of the bag for your message and branding. Working in this way halves the expense but still gives you the same level of exposure.

This really is an advertising opportunity that is not utilised enough by local businesses.

To round things off, our printed flat bags, also known as the printed sandwich bag are:

  • Strong and hygienic
  • Come in a range of sizes
  • Made from Kraft paper, they are recyclable
  • You can create a truly unique design and message
  • The best value practical packaging option for any business that sells small items


If you are still using plain paper bags, you are not making the most of this advertising tool. Why not talk to the team here at The Printed Bag Shop? Making the switch to printed paper bags is not as expensive as you think and the rewards are far greater than you can imagine.