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March 2, 2015

Top tips to measure the success of an event!


The only way you can know you’ve succeeded at something, whether it’s making money, losing weight or selling a product, is by setting yourself targets and then measuring yourself against them – and this is exactly the same for events.

Whether you’re attending an event or organising one, it’s really wise to set yourself some kind of targets or KPIs for the event, in order to show whether it was worth your time and if it provides you with a return on the investment you expended to make it happen.

Here’s some top tips for you on how to measure the success of your event, as well as evaluate it:

What are your objectives?

There needs to a reason for you to attend an event with your business. If there isn’t a valid reason that helps you to achieve your business goals overall, then why spend valuable time and resources on it? Try and think of some high level objectives for what you want to get out of going to an event. These could be anything from ‘raising brand awareness’ to gaining a certain number of business cards, or even a couple of lead for you to follow up on after the big day.

How well did you pull off the event itself?

Anyone who has been to an event before knows it is quite a feat of organisation to pull everything off the way you want to. From designing how your stand it going to look, to preparing hand outs or giveaways, to administrative things like organising travel and accommodation, it’s not easy for everything to run smoothly! To try and make sure it does, planning ahead is key. Conducting a risk assessment of what could possible go wrong would also be a great idea, and it’s all about staying in control. Attending an event is essentially ike managing a project, so delegate actions, check completion and implement deadlines to ensure everything is done before the event arrives.

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‘Mystery Shoppers’

If you’re organising an event, rather than just attending one, and you would like feedback on the event experience as a whole, it would be a great idea to get some ‘mystery’ shoppers or event attendees to give you some independent thoughts on your success. Our top tip here – make sure they experience the event from start to finish, including booking their tickets, and put a plan in place for them to report back to you.

Measure your impact online

Adding a digital element to your event is a great way of easily seeing the impact you’re having. You could run a social media campaign alongside it and get people to live post from the day, and then see how many took part; you could create a bespoke landing page on your website and measure the amount of traffic you receive, or monitor general spikes in terms of followers on social media or your number of website hits.

Has this sparked any ideas for how you can measure the success of your event? We have lots more hints and tips in our free events planning pack.

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