printed cotton bags
September 11, 2015

TPBS Bestsellers – Printed Cotton Bags and Printed Canvas Bags

The Printed Bag Shop’s printed cotton and canvas bags offer businesses a high quality, environmentally friendly option for retail outlets, promotional giveaways, conferences and events.

All our fabric printed bags are built to last, with stylish print options to grab your customers’ attention.

Printed cotton and printed canvas bags associate your brand with quality and durability, as each bag looks smart and can be re-used hundreds of times.

At the same time, fabric printed bags are great advertising tools, offering repeat exposure of your brand wherever they are seen.

Research from the Advertising Specialty Institute (2014) has shown that European customers keep each printed bag for (on average) 6.9 months, generating more than 5700 exposures during its lifetime. That’s very effective marketing!

It doesn’t matter what size your business is, here at the Printed Bag Shop we have the expertise to help you design the perfect fabric printed bag. Our UK-based team of designers can help you to pick the right size, fabric, colour and design.


Cotton Printed Bags

Cotton printed bags are a great choice for the ethical and environmentally-minded. Not only are our cotton bags stylish and hardwearing, but the cotton used to make them is ethically sourced in India. It is also 100% natural and totally unbleached.

Each bag is manufactured in India and sent to the UK in bulk to make sure its carbon footprint is as small as possible. Once they reach the UK, our cotton bags are printed using water-based inks, making sure this part of the process is eco-friendly.

We offer up to 6 spot colour printing and full colour transfer to create quality printed bags that will really grab your customers’ attention.

The cotton is available in different weights, from 4-5oz cotton to 8oz cotton printed bags, offering different degrees of strength so you can order bags that will last as long as you need them to.

We also offer two standard bag sizes: 38cm x 42cm, and 38cm x 42cm x 10cm with short or long handles. If these don’t suit your purposes, we can also make bags sized to order.

Cotton printed bags are a cost-effective marketing option for your company. Not only can you avoid any charges and taxes associated with plastic bags, but our cotton bags are available for a very reasonable unit price.

2500 long-handle cotton bags, sized 38cm x 42cm, printed with one colour on both sides using 5oz natural cotton cost just £1.05 per bag (excluding printing plates, VAT and delivery). What a great deal!


Printed Canvas Bags

An even stronger eco-friendly option, the Printed Bag Shop’s canvas printed bags are a great choice for companies that need a sophisticated bag that will last a long time and still look great.

Canvas is made from a combination of cotton and jute fabrics. Just like our cotton bags, our canvas printed bags are ethically sourced and manufactured in India. They are shipped in high volumes to cut down on their environmental footprint.

When they reach the UK, the bags are screen-printed by hand using water-based inks that do not damage the environment. Printing is available in up to 6 spot colours or full colour transfer, and the canvas bags can be dyed to match your corporate colours or branding.

Our standard canvas printed bags are 38cm x 42cm x 10cm using an 8oz standard natural canvas weight. If this wouldn’t be quite right for you, we offer bespoke bag sizes for larger orders.

Canvas printed bags also offer great value for money. An order of 2500 of our long-handle standard canvas bags, printed on both sides with one colour, costs only £1.98 per bag (excluding printing plates, VAT and delivery). You won’t have to levy or administer any plastic bag charges either!


To speak to one of our lovely team about printed bags and which is best for you, contact us on or 0191 268 7555.