Twisted handle printed paper bags
October 27, 2015

Bestsellers – Twisted Handle Paper Bags and Flat Handle Paper Bags

Printed twisted handle paper bags and printed flat handle paper bags are The Printed Bag Shop’s bestselling printed bags for retail outlets, cafes and takeaways. Both are stylish, eco-friendly and cost-effective marketing tools.

Available in white and brown, our Kraft paper bags are strong and eco-friendly. They can be reused, recycled and are fully degradable, meaning they have a small environmental footprint.

One of the biggest advantages of both the twisted handle bags and the flat handle printed bags is that they offer a wide range of printing options, from single spot colour to CMYK printing.

This means you can choose a colourful, stylish design to make sure that your printed paper bags stand out from the competition.

Printed paper bags have a long history in retail shopping, and were used long before plastic carrier bags came into use. Today, their cost-effectiveness and environmental credentials mean that they are increasingly popular with UK brands.

Twisted Handle Paper Bags

Twisted handle paper bags offer companies a range of bespoke printing options, on either a brown or white 100gsm Kraft paper printed bag.

The design for each bag is printed onto a reel of paper before the bags are assembled, making it possible to print a full colour design onto their whole surface area.

This gives our customers a huge number of design options, allowing them to be as creative as they like.

Each bag comes with an attractive and robust twisted paper handle that is comfortable to carry. They are available in eight custom sizes, starting at 230 x 90 x 310mm and rising to a maximum volume of 450 x 170 x 470mm.

Brown Kraft paper bags can be a very effective part of your company’s brand identity and marketing campaign, but they do require a little design knowledge to make the most of their impact.

It is important to be aware that when printing on a brown background, the vibrant nature of bright colours can be toned down. Customers who require design advice can speak to our dedicated design team. We will be happy to help with any design queries and will discuss the full range of design options available.

Twisted handle paper bags are also great value for money. 1000 white Kraft printed bags, with dimensions 260 x 130 x 350mm, printed with 1 colour on both sides costs just £378 (excluding plates, delivery and VAT). Free samples of any of our printed bags are also available on request.


Flat Handle Paper Bags

Our flat handle paper printed bags are versatile and stylish, often used in takeaways, bakeries, sandwich bars, chemists and veterinary surgeries.

Because of their good looks and low cost, many other industries use these printed bags for promotional and marketing materials, such as recruitment companies, builders, solicitors and hire companies. They are light, strong and eco-friendly, made from 70gsm Kraft paper.

Available from only £72.38 per 1000 (215 x 115 x 250mm) bags with 1 spot colour printing on both sides (excluding printing plates, delivery and VAT), flat handle paper bags are great value for money.

Although they are cost-effective, they still come with the full range of colour printing options. This gives our customers the opportunity to be as daring as they like with their printed bag design.

There are four custom bag size options, from 175 x 95 x 215mm to 305 x 125 x 405, allowing you to carry all kinds of products. In line with our commitment to the environment, all our flat handle paper bags are manufactured in the UK and are fully biodegradable.

Customers who also need smaller paper sandwich bags for food items can choose from our range of hygienic and strong printed sandwich bag options. These are available in 6 standard sizes, as well as in satchel and window bag designs.

To speak to one of our lovely team about printed bags and which is best for you, contact us on or 0191 268 7555.