breakfast in a bag
November 8, 2016

TPBS Donate 1000 Bags To Breakfast in a Bag To Help London’s Homeless

Breakfast in a Bag is an initiative in London, set up to help the homeless and provide them with the most important meal of the day – breakfast.

This inspiring charity was founded by Michelle Clark in 2012, after she identified that whilst there was lots of support out there to give evening meals to the homeless from places like soup kitchens, no one was really helping these people when it came to breakfast. The main Breakfast in a Bag storage unit is based in Enfield and the packages are deployed throughout London.

Breakfast in a Bag was initially self-funded by Michelle, but the food for the bags is now purchased with donations from the general public, and they also receive support from ‘Product Partners’ who make donations too, like us here at The Printed Bag Shop.

We became aware of this fantastic cause through the power of Twitter – the charity tweeted us asking if we’d like to get involved by donating carrier bags, and after following this up via email, we confirmed that we would be more than happy to send 1000 plain versions of our flat handle paper bags to enable Breakfast in a Bag to continue with their valuable work.

Whilst the contents of the Breakfast in a Bag varies depending on the donations they’ve received, one cost they were finding that they couldn’t avoid was the bags themselves – hopefully our donation will help with this, and will also mean that the donation from the public will stretch further and allow to charity to put together more breakfast packages for less.

It’s clear that this is a fantastic and worthy cause, but the response that Breakfast in a Bag has had from the homeless community confirms this. Every person to receive a free breakfast is incredibly grateful, and the initiative has even grown already to include opportunities for London’s homeless to socialise with each other, build connections and hopefully improve their quality of life.

At the moment, Breakfast in a Bag is focusing on increasing their supporters and their donations to help them continue providing more and more bags for London’s homeless – there were around 7,500 people having to sleep on the streets in 2015, so there’s a huge amount of people out there who need help. There’s also more and more companies becoming Product Partners to strengthen the cause, and as the success of Breakfast in a Bag continues in London, the initiative may also eventually spread to other cities throughout the UK, meaning even more homeless people can receive a free, healthy breakfast.

Of course, we would love for our fab TPBS readers to get involved and donate!

You can follow Breakfast in a Bag on Twitter and every RT or mention helps them spread the word. And, Breakfast in a Bag have just launched their brand new website where you can donate to them directly – check that out here.

(Image from the Breakfast in a Bag Twitter)