printed gift bags
April 15, 2017

How Using Printed Gift Bags Can Boost Your Business

If you haven’t used printed gift bags to enhance your branding – it’s about time you did!

Using printed gift bags can boost your business and make customers happy, especially when your target audience is the end user in the business to consumer market.

Let’s look at some of the benefits of branded gift bags…

When you’re holding a special event to launch a new product range, creating a really good gift bag that’s tailored to the audience you want to attract can have a big pull in getting people to come along. Choosing the type of printed gift bag is as important as your branding. Some of the printed promotional bags The Printed Bag Shop has to offer can be used as a ‘bag for life’, meaning that your brand lives on forever, continuing to advertise your business day after day.

If your event is promoting top-end luxury items, entice the demographic you’re aiming for with an up-market laminated paper bag. You’ll see these in high-end fashion boutiques and retail stores, or prestigious exhibitions. A luxury matt or gloss laminated bag printed with your branding will reinforce the luxury gifts within. A luxury bag like this will spark their interest for sure.

Do you attend trade fairs like garden shows, wedding fairs or food festivals?  Up against your competitors, vying for the attention of the browsing visitors? Having an eye-catching printed goody bag will have your business standing out in the crowd as visitors carry it around the exhibition halls.

A printed goody bag can be anything from paper, fabric or plastic, depending on the message you want to get across and what you’re putting in it. It’s quite a neat idea to have a printed goody bag that’s a decent size, like a printed canvas bag. It’s strong and durable which means people are likely to drop other smaller gift bags into your large bag. Now, it’s your brand that is on show, more than the others! Plus the added bonus here is the bag will be used after the event too, keeping your brand visible even longer.

The Printed Bag Shop has a huge selection of bag types and sizes to help you see how using printed gift bags can boost your business and make customers happy.

Do you often send out free gifts to customers? If you’re not using branded gift bags you are missing a great marketing opportunity. A bag designed and printed with your message is an essential aid to getting a return on your investment. After all, you’re giving something away in the hope of a greater purchase in the near future.

From a gift of a cookie in a small printed paper bag, to an exclusive make-up item in an elegant branded gift bag with ribbon handles that just oozes luxury; sending free gifts to customers in printed gift bags will certainly emphasize your brand and get them talking about you and your amazing products.

Are you in the business of creating packages for special occasions? Perhaps you’re a hamper company or party planner. Packaging the products in printed gift bags will not only make the packaging as interesting as the goodies inside, but give you the opportunity to get your branding out there. The recipient of the gift bag will remember how well it was packaged and presented. Seeing your branding will encourage them to recommend you to others too.

Using extra special packaging for everyday products can really boost your business, especially when the branded gift bags are ‘bags for life’. A printed gift bag that not only looks cool, but can be used again and again will always be the bag that’s kept by the consumer.

Now can you see how using printed gift bags can boost your business and make customers happy?

Why not talk to the sales team here at The Printed Bag Shop today? We can offer help and advice on the best options in printed gift bags for the branding of your business.