Paper bag
February 10, 2014

Washable paper bags are this year’s greenest bargain

Anyone who follows our news section will know that we’ve previously reported on a fashion trend for bags and purses that look like brown paper lunch bags. Some of those ‘paper’ bags even retailed for over £200 each. This week, we’ve uncovered a similar range of paper based products – this time with some no-so-outrageous price tags.

Italian fashion house Uashmama recently launched a number of shopping bags, holdalls and other products, including lampshades, that are designed so that they look like they’re made of leather, when they’re actually made of paper.

Designed and hand-sewn by four sisters, the range is aimed at both shoppers and fashion fans who are looking for a more sustainable way to carry their groceries home, without sacrificing style.

But carrying groceries is just the beginning. Available in a huge range of sizes, colours, finishes, and styles, including with straps and handles, the bags can be used for anything from kitchen storage to laundry to the school run to gym sessions to unusual looking plant pots.

That’s because, once processed, the paper based material that forms the basis of these bags is is waterproof, as well as being tough and durable enough to withstand washing, ironing and folding, and just about anything else.

However, in addition to the unique designs, styles and materials, the real selling point behind these paper bags is their environmental credentials. They’re recyclable, they’re sustainable, they’re eco-friendly and they can be reused again and again and again. And with prices that range from just a few pounds to around £50 for a top of the range tote bag, they’re definitely one of the greenest fashion-conscious bargains we’ll see all year.

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