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December 21, 2021

What Branding Colour Schemes Say About Your Business

Your branding is a huge part of your business front, being visible across everything you do and contributing towards a consumers’ first impression of your business. From day one, establishing strong brand guidelines will help you maintain a consistent appearance and increase brand recognition, establishing your position within the market for maximum impact.

As you establish your image and select the all important branding colour schemes, there is more than just the aesthetics to consider. The colours you choose to represent your brand can have more impact than meets the eye, having a subconscious influence on how your audience sees your brand. To help you establish the most suitable branding colour schemes for your business, we’ve pulled together some colour theory behind the most popular colour choices.


Often being used for corporate brands who are looking to secure long term clients, blue represents trustworthiness and reliability, being ideal for those looking to establish a professional appearance.


Being a bold choice for businesses who are looking to make an impact, red adds a burst of energy and passion. Although it can be an effective choice for grabbing attention, be careful with how you use red as you want to avoid the connotations of warnings and danger.


It is no secret that yellow is associated with happiness and joy, being a lively colour that can brighten up moods. When using yellow within branding colour schemes, it can work effectively for young and playful business types.


Now more than ever, green particularly represents sustainability and is great for businesses who use eco-friendliness within their primary messaging. The colour reflects nature and is a great choice for brands who align themselves with a more natural and organic approach.


Unlike many other colours, orange is quite versatile within branding colour schemes. It is an adventurous choice which can spark joy but is also linked to cost-effective brands, being perfect for businesses who strive to meet lower budgets.


Traditionally linked to royalty, purple creates a majestic finish which can reflect a more high end business type. Depending on how you use purple, it can spark a more mysterious emotion so be sure to use the colour carefully.


Often used by more feminine and sentimental brands, pink is a great choice for injecting some energy and personality into a brand. Pink branding colour schemes tend to be used across more informal brands rather than corporate businesses.


Being a simple yet effective approach, a clean white colour scheme displays effortless elegance which can work for an array of business types. Often used for luxury brands, the simplicity can speak volumes.


Being another minimalistic colour choice, a sleek black is a low risk approach which oozes sophistication. Depending on the nature of your brand, black can create a formal appearance which may be less suited to youthful and fun brands than brighter colour palettes.