October 12, 2015

What Every Event Professional Needs To Know About Effective Follow Up

To really make the most of your event, you have to follow up effectively. It sounds simple, but effective follow up is a skill.

There is a lot involved in getting follow up right. But if you do you’ll achieve your event goals and make the most of all that networking, so read on to find out more.

Make Great Connections

Good follow up starts during your event, when you are networking and making new connections.

Successful networking is not a numbers game. It is about the amount of meaningful connections you make. Rather than simply making small talk and collecting business cards, try asking questions that uncover business and personal interests in common.

When you have real interests in common, the connection is more powerful, and it is more likely to lead to a fruitful business relationship.

There is likely to be a lot going on, so take a moment between chats to note down names, contact details and any relevant personal details that could be important later.

If you want to remember what your new contact looks like, use your smartphone or tablet to take a selfie with them!

Prioritise Your Contacts

After all that networking you will have a list of names and contacts that you want to follow up. But it’s important to make a plan before you start.

Prioritise each of your contacts according to how useful the contact will be. Label the most important contacts as ‘A – must follow up,’ ‘B – a great contact to have,’ ‘C – should follow up.’

Treating each of your contacts differently helps you make the most of your time and effort, and means that your follow up will be appropriate for the contact.

Take Action Quickly

You should follow up with most of your new contacts within 24 hours of the event. At this point your conversations will still be clear in your mind, and it will feel natural to get in touch.

For top priority contacts (the ‘A’s), the most effective follow up is a brief, friendly telephone conversation. You can remind them of your chat and business interests in common. If appropriate, you could arrange a further meeting to move things forward.

It’s also important to follow up quickly with your ‘B’ contacts. Send each one a short, friendly email that says how pleased you were to meet them and reminds them of your common interests.

You might not take things any further at this stage, but the door is open for future contact.

Add A Personal Touch

The last group of contacts – the ‘C’s – are people who you don’t want to do business with right now, but who could prove useful to know later on, if something changes.

You should send an email to these contacts within a few days of the event. It’s important to send a personal email (not a standard message) that reminds your contact of your common interests and reinforces the positive connection.

While now may not be the right time to do business, your prompt follow up makes it possible to get in touch again later.

Pass On Details To Colleagues

In some cases, the contacts you make at events could be really helpful to other colleagues in the company.

In this situation, call or email your contact and introduce them to your colleague during the conversation.

If an increase in sales is one of your event goals, passing on contact details in this personal way can be a really effective way to grow your business.

Taking these steps will ensure that your follow up is effective and makes the most of all your hard work.


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