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September 20, 2019

What Is Spot Uv Printing?

Spot UV printing is a deluxe technique that can enhance the appearance of printed plastic bags, printed laminated bags, business cards, greeting cards, brochures and so much more! Spot UV printing is simpler than it might sound, it’s just another way to add depth and colour to materials, during the production process. Spot UV is a premium, extra finish, similar to a coating like matte or gloss.

The Process Of Printing Spot Uv

Spot UV printing is applied in patterns or specific, selected areas to make them stand out against their backgrounds. Standard UV printing is a modern technique, available with industrial and high-tech printers. UV lights are installed onto the machines to accelerate the drying process of the print, and to provide incredible detail and crisp, clear ink and varnish lines. A quicker dryer process also means that print has a durable, long-lasting finish.

The ‘spot’ part of the UV printing process is where certain elements are selected to be coated with the varnish, as opposed to the whole product. A liquid coating or varnish is applied to the selected areas and then cured with a UV printer or press.

Files for spot UV need to be slightly different to standard colour printing. After a business has settled on their design and selected the spots for the varnish, a designer must isolate the objects that are going to be part of the spot UV within the file and duplicate them. The colour will then need to be changed (all printers work differently, but it is commonly magenta or black). It is vital that the duplicated items sit exactly where you want the Spot UV to print. A specialist printer or press will then pick up on the designated colour and apply varnish there and dry accordingly.

Benefits Of The ‘Spot’ Part Of Uv Printing

Spot UV printing is perfect for brands that want deluxe, standout and sophisticated marketing materials. Depending on the design and the desired market or industry, spot UV can achieve high-quality, stand out designs. The coating becomes hardened and rises during the process. This adds depth and texture to products and materials, ultimately making them look luxurious.

Many opt for black on black UV spot printing, as the coating looks extremely high-gloss and catches the light well when placed onto dark colours. This is a popular choice for corporate brands and professional business as the design can be sleek and subtle, but still be promotional, catching customers’ eyes.

Products with Spot UV are also extremely hard wearing. The quick drying process means that the inks and artwork designs have an improved abrasion resistance. This means the shine and high-quality design will stand the test of time, and is more likely to be reused by customers. This durable finish is most often used on luxury bags like our printed laminated bags, which also come with other customisation options including hot foil, embossing and debossing, and metal eyelets.

Spot UV printing is also more environmentally friendly than you might expect. The majority of the varnishes used for spot UV printing are free of harmful chemicals. This finish is suitable for recyclable materials and paper bags.

To add spot UV to your printed goods, get in touch with the experts at The Printed Bag Shop, today!