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June 12, 2018

Which size bag is right for you?

If you’ve taken a look around our website you’ll know that we produce lots of printed bags in lots of styles and lots of sizes. Choice is great, but do you know which size bag is right for you?

I spoke to the team here at The Printed Bag Shop and between us we’ve put together a few suggestions of which sizes in which bags might be most suited to the different businesses out there. Over the past eleven years we’ve supplied printed bags to a wide variety of business types. Matching a business with the ideal bag size and stunning design work means they get value for money and a printed bag that promotes their branding and makes a lasting impression on their customer.

The printed bags we’ve picked out below are our best sellers, and for three good reasons; their strength, their style and their versatility.

Laminated Bags Laminated Bags

Our printed laminated paper bags are the height of luxury packaging. With spot colour, full colour and interior printing, plus spot UV, hot foil blocking and gloss or matt lamination, you are guaranteed a unique branded bag for your business. Let’s not forget to mention the choice of ribbon or rope handle options, and embossing or debossing. Is it any wonder these are our top selling up-market printed bags?

The most popular sizes for our laminated bags are:-

150x80x200mm or 200x80x150mm is the perfect size for jewellers, cosmetic brands and beauty salons.

250x100x310mm or 310x100x250mm is just right for events, corporate occasions or conferences as this bag comfortably holds A4 size literature.

320x120x420mm or 420x120x320mm – you will see this size in many fashion shops. It is just the right size for boutiques and department stores, able to hold a couple of pairs of jeans or a jacket with ease.

205x120x420mm – this large bag is best when produced in the landscape design. Again you will find a bag of this size in fashion shops and department stores usually for larger coats and jackets.

Twisted Handle Paper Bags Twisted Handle Paper Bags

A high quality paper bag with a comfortable to hold twisted handle is a classy paper bag for an affordable price. These 100gm FSC Kraft paper bags can take spot colours printing or 100% print coverage and they can carry up to 4kgs in weight. You can promote your brand’s personality, style and logo on these strong, reusable paper bags.

These are our most popular sizes in the twisted handle paper bag:-

180x90x210/215mm – most often used in gift shops, this size is perfect for small gift or craft items. Accessory stores selling scarves, hair accessories or costume jewellery will also find this stylish bag is just the right size.

260x130x360mm is the most popular size printed at The Printed Bag Shop, used for all sorts of retail stores like clothes shops, shoe shops, phone stores, pharmacies and gift shops. This size is ideal for trade shows too; it will hold a number of A4 documents along with a selection of free goodies!

320x120x420mm – mostly used by fashion stores this is a great size for a pair of trousers and a top, a pair of shoes or a neat jacket.

Mailing Bags

Mailing Bags

Using printed mailing bags when dispatching from your online store is the perfect way to get your company branding off the computer screen and into communities worldwide as it travels to your customer. These bags can be printed with spot colours or 100% ink coverage, with optional extras of a punched handle for carrying, perforations for easy opening, or double seal for secure returns.

The most popular sizes in our mailing bags are:-

305x410x50mm – mainly used for shipping items of clothing, this size printed mailing bag is popular with online outlets of the larger department stores, online sportswear supplies and fashion websites.

355x400x50mm – another popular size suitable for the larger items being shipped from online stores like larger coats and jackets or soft furnishings for the home.

355x330x50mm – this smaller sized mailing bag is often used by online jewellers, cosmetic sales, or for smaller items of clothing like socks, ties or baby clothes.

Three Cotton Bags Cotton Bags

Bespoke printed cotton bags are sure to be brought out repeatedly for a myriad of uses by the customer you gave it to. These ethically-sourced, 100% unbleached cotton bags become a stylish bag, that when printed with your unique design and branding will be seen on the high street, in schools and colleges, in the gym or off on holiday – wherever the bag goes your branding goes too! What’s not to like about that? You can choose from a standard shopper or a gusseted shopper style, with short handles or longer on–the-shoulder handles, ensuring you get the right style for your business.

While we can make any size to order, we stock just the one size that has proven to be the most popular and most useful.

380x420mm – retailers who put their unique branding on these bags can be fashion stores, gift shops, museums and attractions, book stores, delis, coffee shops… the list goes on.

We hope that you now have a clearer idea of which bag size is right for you.

Whichever size and style you choose for your business, you can always be assured of a quality bag, with a creative design and a professional service. The Printed Bag Shop are the UK’s leading supplier of custom printed bags catering for every brand and every business who believe that printed bags are a great marketing opportunity for their company.

If our blog has helped you figure out the size and style of bag and you’re raring to go, why not get in touch with our sales team, they’re a friendly bunch and can give you all the advice you need! Just call 0191 268 7555 or email