Why choose printed laminated bags
June 5, 2015

Why Printed Laminated Bags are the Perfect Choice for You

Printed laminated bags can really help you to market your business to a wide audience. They can be found in all the best places – high-end retail stores, prestigious exhibitions and conferences – reinforcing the desirable product or service you want to promote.

As well as looking great, printed laminated bags an incredibly cost-effective and powerful marketing tool. To find out why your business shouldn’t be without them, read on.

Help Your Brand Make an Impact

Our printed laminated paper bags are fully customisable, giving you lots of freedom to create a lasting impact. Each bag can be designed to your exact specifications, with a full range of print and handle options, as well as the highest quality colour and photographic images.

These advanced techniques will make sure your bags really stand out from the crowd. When your customers love their bags they will enjoy using and reusing them, weeks or even months later.

In fact, we know that all that attention to design details produces measurable results. A 2014 international research study by the Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI) found that 23% of people kept promotional items because they were enjoyable to have, and 32% kept them because they were attractive.

Durable and Strong

The lamination process makes our printed bags strong, so they last longer than other, cheaper alternatives. Printed laminated bags are made to be used and re-used, so more potential customers will be exposed to your brand.

If you’re looking for a promotional bag that can handle anything, printed laminated woven bags might just be the answer. Just like our paper bags, our laminated woven bags have a full range of customisable print, handle and colour options.

With years of expertise, we can help you design a durable, eye-catching promotional bag that will be the envy of your competitors.

They are Useful

One of the reasons why printed laminated bags are still so popular is because they are so useful. You can use them to store notes, business cards, or product samples at a trade fair or conference, and then re-use them on a shopping trip later.

Usefulness is important, because it means people are likely to keep your bags. The ASI found that in Europe 75% of those who kept a promotional item they were given did so because they found it useful.

Great Value for Money

Printed laminated bags are great value for money: they expose your brand and logo to a very wide audience.

If you’ve designed an attractive printed bag, chances are that your customer won’t throw it out when they’ve finished with it. In London, the ASI found only 15% of people threw their bag away, while 67% passed it on to someone else.

It’s partly because of this behaviour that they found the average promotional bag generates more than 5700 impressions. Isn’t that a great return on your investment?

Build a Lasting Relationship with Customers

A well-designed and eye-catching printed bag can help you build a lasting relationship with your customers.

In Europe, the ASI found that on average people kept their laminated bags for 6.9 months, although of course some people re-used their bags for much longer (in San Diego, California, the average was 2 years!).

It’s also good to know that 9 out of 10 (89%) European consumers who own a promotional bag remember who gave it to them. This shows just how great printed bags can be when marketing your brand.

Every time someone re-uses their printed laminated bag they remember all the positive aspects of your business. This is can be really effective if you wish to target female customers. In the USA, 40% of women own a promotional bag.

The Printed Bag Shop is the UK’s premier supplier of printed bags, with a reputation for delivering the best customer service in the business. Why not get in touch to find out more?

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