Marketing tips for Promotional Merchandising
December 28, 2017

10 Marketing Tips For Promotional Merchandising Companies


We work with lots of promotional merchandise companies every day, providing them with high quality, bespoke printed bags and packaging for their clients – not to mention, we are a promotional merchandise company ourselves!

You may be a pro at providing promo stuff to other businesses – but how well are you marketing yourselves?

We’re having our best year yet at The Printed Bag Shop, and so understand what it takes to succeed in this crowded and competitive market. So, we’ve put together 10 marketing tips for promotional merchandising companies:

Do your research.

As a promotional merchandising company you’re encouraging other businesses to market themselves with branded product give-aways. Do your research and know the best products for the different markets; industry, food, hotels etc.

A website is essential.

It goes without saying that a website is essential; make sure your website is laid out to make it easy for visitors and potential buyers. Grouping together products that are suitable for specific markets as well as in their usual categories could help customers to navigate your site more quickly and easily too!

Social Media

Keep a high profile on social media; it’s important to be seen and for your brand to be easily recognisable. Again, centre your posts on specific sectors rather than creating general posts that are aimed at everyone but end up unnoticed.

The power of promotional products

Educate visitors to your website, social media, or email marketing recipients on the power of promotional products, so they’re more convinced of the return on investment they’ll see when they buy from you. The British Promotional Merchandise Association (BPMA) has conducted surveys and research that shows evidence of the direct correlation between promotional product advertising, improved brand recognition and increased sales. Statistics show that over 80% of recipients hold on to their free gift for at least 12 months, and that over 90% of recipients of promotional products remember the brand behind it.

Exhibit at trade shows

As we all know, every trade show is brimming with branded promotional merchandise; from the custom printed carrier bags that every attendee is carrying, to the individual exhibitor stands with their pens, USB sticks and other freebies that suit the show and the company. Being amongst the exhibitors as a promotional merchandising company has to be a powerful marketing tool for you. If your budget doesn’t run to having an exhibition stand, go along as a visitor and introduce your promotional merchandising company to them – you could even give them a freebie with your branding on it! You never know – they may just choose to order from you in the future.

Attend business networking groups

Another way to market your promotional merchandising company is to attend networking groups like the BNI or Chamber of Commerce, whether locally or further afield. There are many businesses out there that have never used promotional merchandise for their business, perhaps thinking it too costly with no ROI. Expel the myths and educate them on the advantages of custom printed merchandise.

Give value to the customer

It’s all about providing value to your customer if you want repeat business – a key thing that’s helped us grow, and can do the same for you. Give the best service you can; offer expert advice and recommendations on your products, help customers refine their artwork, make sure to deliver on your promises with lead times. The better service you can provide, the more value you’re giving, and the bigger the chance of people coming back to you time and time again.

Blog Posts

Produce engaging content marketing through blog posts on your website. By educating businesses on the benefits of promotional merchandise, customers and visitors will see you as an expert in the industry, seeking you out when they need to purchase promotional merchandise, and referring you to their business contacts too.

Email Marketing

This is still a really effective marketing method. You can target specific market areas, promotional product types, community events and much more. Targeted marketing can be much more effective and rewarding than sending out a blanket email that may not capture the attention of many of the participants.

Send out Freebies

The ultimate marketing tip for promotional merchandising companies is to send out your own branded freebie. Select who you send them to carefully (as well as what products you send) to be sure that when the gift arrives it will resonate with the recipient as being a good idea for their business.

We hope these tips help you to make 2018 your best year yet! If you’re looking for printed bags or packaging, whether for your own business or to supply a client, email today to request a quote!