Coca cola branding
December 19, 2017

3 core things to consider when updating your brand

Have you been thinking about updating your brand?

With so many avenues for exposure these days, it’s even more important that you keep up with trends and maintain branding that can hold its own against your competitors, whether it’s on social media, Google searches, or trade shows and exhibitions.

There are many aspects to a company’s branding; logo, website, stationary, packaging and of course – printed bags.

Your Logo

A logo that spoke volumes when your company was first formed might be of no real relevance today if your business has branched out or changed direction. Take time to study your logo; even the most classic of styles can look dated in time.

‘But it still reflects our business,’ you say.

‘We can’t change it. Customers know us by our logo,’ another common concern.

That’s fine; you just need to work with what you have. Look at Coca-Cola; always instantly recognisable. If you were to line up their logo designs over the years there are many changes, but since the 1950’s whatever the design the core of the logo remains recognisable.



You can do this too. If the font still fits with today’s trends then keep it, instead you could introduce subtle changes to the colours with more ‘in’ shades.

If you have reached a business milestone in 2018 you could add the ‘years’ into your logo; remaining identifiable to your regular customers yet standing out as a reputable long-standing business to potential new custom.

If your logo was designed before this digital age it could have many gradients of colour that doesn’t really translate well on websites and social media platforms. Tweaking this to a more simplistic modern design will maintain your familiarity while looking great on the web.

Of course there is more to your branding than your logo, but it’s the perfect starting point.

Using Font & Colours

Once you have your logo down you can replicate the new fonts and colours in other areas of your branding.

Update your website headings with these new fonts, and the branding on your printed stationary.

Take the colours from your new logo design and use for subheadings or links within your website content.

These colours can work well also on printed packaging or custom printed bags that you may use for trade shows and events. You will find that customers will recognise colour and connect it to your business.

A Tag-Line

A tag-line that sums up what you do is always a good branding idea. It’s like a mini mission statement. Here are a few you will recognise:-

Coca Cola – ‘Taste the feeling’

Rimmel – ‘Get the London look’

Tesco – ‘Every little helps’

You get the idea – come up with a unique tag-line that emits positivity, differentiates the brand, and is memorable.

Once you have the perfect tag-line use it everywhere as part of your branding; on your website and social media profiles. Use it on any printed literature like brochures and flyers, merchandise like printed bags and packaging for events and exhibitions, or magazine and newspaper advertising. Everywhere your logo goes, your mini mission statement should tag along; it will help your business become as memorable to your target market as the tag-lines above are familiar to us all.

Who’s thought of designing a new logo for their business, but worries about the daunting task and the risk that can come with change?

Be brave – there’s always a risk with a whole new branding image, but with the right marketing plan to back up your changes you will be on to a winner for sure!